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  1. Meaning of Capacitance:
    ability to hold a large amount of fluid
  2. Meaning of Compliance:
    the ability of a blood vessel to change its volume in response to changes in pressure in veins mostly
  3. Another name for Carotid bulb?
    carotid sinus
  4. Meaning of Volar?
  5. Where does the Brachial A. end?
    ends at the Teres Major muscle
  6. Meaning of ramifying?
    ending or last branch
  7. If we do not have collateral pathways in the cerebrovascular system what might we experience?
    a stroke
  8. What are the two types of Laminar blood flow?
    1.) Parabolic

    2.) Plug
  9. Define Poiseuille's Law
    The relationships between pressure, volume flow and resistance.

    It helps to answer the question of how much fluid is moving through a vessel.
  10. Bernouille's principle shows what relationship?
    inverse relationship

    velocity and pressure
  11. What type of waveform does ICA have?
    low-resistance waveform
  12. What type of waveform does the ECA have?
  13. Where is one place where plaque tends to form?
    in vessel bifurcations
  14. What is the meaning of Pathogenisis?
    intimal thickening
  15. What is the very bad type of plaque?

    Characteristics? (2)
    ulcerated plaque

    • 1.) b-mode--crypt or crates with an overhanging edge.
    • 2.) color--reversal of flow
  16. What is intraplague hemorrhage?
    from a rupture of microvessels within the plaque. It comprimises the fibrous cap and endothelium layer.
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