Ethics final

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  1. Scruton reading
    • mutually beneficial
    • irreplaceable value
    • conjugal love
  2. goldman reading
  3. essay = what is the means end theory of sex?
    sex = means to an end (love, children, pleasure)
  4. what is retribution theory
    • capital punishment
    • the view that offenders deserve to be punished or paid back for their crimes
    • and to be punished in proportion to the severity of their offense
  5. retentionists
    those who want to retain death penalty
  6. means end principle
    act on the maxim you are willing to universalize for all humankind
  7. best bet argument
    • we don't know if it deters or not, but based on...
    • (1) ppls fear of harshest punishment deters
    • (2) criminals > citizens
    • -> more to win than lose
  8. rachel essay
  9. steinback essay
    • euthanasia
    • principle of double effect
  10. williams essay
  11. deontological ethical theory
    • doesn't stress consequences
    • kant, dct
  12. consequencalists
    • ethical egoism
    • utilitarianism
    • act/rule
  13. nonconseuquentalaists
    • kant
    • natural law theory
    • divine command theory
  14. moral criteria of adequacy
    • consistent w/ considered judgements
    • consistency w/ our moral experience
    • usefulness in moral problem solving
  15. act utilitarian view of euthanasia
    • bad
    • deprives person of future happiness (which only exists in experience)
  16. rule utilitarian view on euthanasia
    • bad
    • slilppery slope, unnecessary killings/abuse
    • violate pledge to protect life
    • violates doctors trust
    • long range consequences of rule-breakling
  17. kant view of euthanasia
    • bad
    • deprives of personhood
    • devalues them

    ok if they can non longer be considered a person, whole/higher brain definition
  18. arguments for euthanasia
    • competent ppl have a right to self-determination
    • self-determination = right to decide dying/chose active e
    • society has obligation to help there in suffering
    • therefore, active v e for competent dying person
    • ppl have right to direct their lives
  19. arguments against active e
    • due to doctrine of double effect, active not = passive
    • to want to die = irrational person = no right
    • our duty to prolong consciousness/rationality
    • death not guaranteed release from suffering, continued life = guaranteed hope
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