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  1. Whats the minimum depth of a slab rebate?
  2. What does the term Australian Standard mean?
    A document that sets out specifications and procedures that ensure a material, product, method or service if fit for its purpose and performs consistently the way it was intended.
  3. Explain the different classifications of Building under the Building Code of Australia.
    • Vol. 2 - 1a - Dwelling/Houses Residential
    • Vol. 2 - 1b - Small Boarding House up to                             300m2 and not more than                             12 residents Residential
    • Vol. 1 - 2 - Apartment (Above others)                              Residential
    • Vol. 1 - 3 - Motels (Unrelated Persons)                            Residential

    • Vol. 1 - 4 - Single dwelling in class 5 to 9                        Residential
    • Vol. 1 - 5 - Office not class 6 to 9
    • Vol. 1 - 6 - Retail Shop
    • Vol. 1 - 7a - Car park
    • Vol. 1 - 7b - Storage/Display Warehouse
    • Vol. 1 - 8 - Laboratory or factory
    • Vol. 1 - 9a - Health Care Building
    • Vol. 1 - 9b - Assembly Building
    • Vol. 1 - 9c - Aged care building
    • Vol. 2 - 10a - No-habitable building being                           private garage, carport, shed
    • Vol. 2 - 10b - A structure being a fence,                              mast, antenna, retaining, or                          freestanding wall, swimming                          pool.
  4. What class of occupancy is a dwelling?
    Volume 2 - Class 1a
  5. How does the Standards and Tolerances Guide deal with wet areas, decks and balconies?
    • Wet areas are defective if waterproofing is not installed correctly in accordance with NCC. Failures caused by excessive stress and wear and tear are not defects.
    • Balconies and decks are defective if incorrect materials are used, they leak, water ponds or they do not drain to the outer edge.
  6. How could the standards and tolerances guide be used to deal with problems in relation to demolition?
    Standards and Tolerances guide cannot be used to deal with problems relating to demolition.
  7. To what extent can a Domestic Builder remove Asbestos?
    • OH&S Regs 2003 require licensed asbestos removalist to be used. A DB-U can remove asbestos if:
    • The asbestos to be removed is bonded asbestos (non-friable).
    • The amount of abestos material to be used is less than 10m2.
    • The Builder conducts asbestos removal for less than an hour in every 7 day period.
  8. Can a domestic builder undertake any form of demolition work?
    • A licensed demolisher is required to undertake the demolition of an entire dwelling. A building surveyor will allow a DB-U to undertake demolition work on a renovation/extension project. 
    • Building Regulations 2006 - Application for building permit - tick demolition
  9. What information must be in a permit application for re-stumping a house?
    • Buildiing application must include:
    • A site plan of the dwelling
    • Elevations showing heights from the ground
    • Details of bracing requirements of stumps
    • Details of termite control
    • Details of stairs replacement if necessary
    • Details of reinstatement of storm water discharge
    • Details of reinstatement of water supply and drainage connections
    • The soil testing and engineering design of the works involved with replacement of stumps or other foundation design
  10. Can a DB-U undertake re-stumping of a public hall?
    No, a public hall is classified as a class 9b building which means a commercial builders licence would be required.
  11. What process would you use for levelling a house prior to re-stumping?
    Identify highest point of existing floor framing, bring all other areas or floor framing up to that height without damaging services. Use a laser level to ensure accurate levels.
  12. What precautions would you take before re-stumping a house with 2m fall over the length of the house?
    • Safety is a major issue in re-stumping and more so as the height of the stumps increase. 
    • The current condition of the entire house needs to evaluated before re-stumping work can commence.
  13. When is cross bracing required?
    When there is not a full perimeter masonry base.
  14. Are all stumps 100x100mm?
    No, stump size depends of stress grade, footing type used and height above ground.
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