Canine Parvovirus

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  1. What type of virus?
    Single stranded enveloped DNA
  2. What does the virus mostly affect?
    GI tract but can cause myocardium
  3. Where does CPV-2 divide at?
    Divide and multiplies in fat cells of the GI tract
  4. How can myocarditis develop?
    From infection in-utero or in pups younger than 8 weeks and usually die after a short time
  5. First action of CPV?
    To inhabit WBC division in bone marrow and basically turn off the immune system
  6. What animals can contract CPV?
    All members of the canidae family
  7. In 1967 what happened?
    CPV-1 found in feces of military dogs, closely related to bovine parvo. Mutated into CPV-2
  8. Nickname for CPV-1
    Minute virus
  9. Morbidity
  10. Mortatlity
  11. Incubation period for CPV-1
    7-14 days
  12. Incubation period for CPV-2
    4-6 days
  13. Transmission
    Oral/nasal mostly from feces
  14. Clinical signs with CPV
    • Pronounced leukopenia: WBC count 2,000
    • Increased PCV: 60-70%
  15. Symptoms
    • Pyrexia
    • Lethargy
    • Anorexia
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea soft to watery with distinctive odor and bloody orange color
    • Dehydration
  16. Diagnosis
    • Positive fecal ELISA test
    • CBC and high pcv
    • Fecal exam to rule out hookworms
    • Serology: 1:10,000 titer
  17. Treatment
    • Fluids
    • Antibiotics to prevent secondary infection
    • Anitemetic drugs
    • Pain killers
    • Withold food and water
  18. Prevention
    • Minimize exposure
    • Vaccination (Galaxy CPV-2b)
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