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  1. What is the purpose of AS 1684.4 - 2010?
    To specify requirements for the construction of timber framed class 1 and 10 buildings that have:

    • N1 and N2 wind classification (table 1.1)
    • No more than TWO stories
    • No more than 12m in width excluding eaves
    • Max wall height of 2.7m
    • Max rafter overhang of 750mm
    • Max roof pitch of 30 degrees
    • Max rafter/truss spacing 900m 
    • Max spacing of bracing elements 9m
    • specifications within buildings mass tables
  2. What is stress grading?
    Strength classification for structural timber and refers to how much load a piece of timber can handle.
  3. Define spacing, single span, continuous span, load bearing, dead load, live load, nominal fixing.
    Spacing - centre to centre distance between structural members. 

    Single Span - The span of a member supported at or near each end without intermediate supports. 

    Continuous Span - The span of a member supported at or near each end with intermediate supports so that no span is greater than twice another. 

    Load Bearing - The purpose of a structural member to transfer loads imposed on a building to the foundations. 

    Dead Load - Load of the structure itself. 

    Live Load - Load from things that can be moved in and out of the structure. 

    Nominal Fixing - Normally accepted fixing requirements.
  4. Look up timber sizes in AS1684.4 to illustrate that you understand how to use the tables.
    Section 3   SUBSTRUCTURE
  5. What are the requirements for building stair construction?
    NCC Stair Construction

    • Each flight must have between 2 and 18 risers
    • Risers and treads must be constant throughout each flight. 
    • Quarter and half landing dimensions can vary from straight stairs but must be consistent themselves.
    • No opening in risers of balustrades can be more than 125mm 
    • Treads must be slip resistant
  6. What are the requirements for balustrades and balconies?
    NCC 3.9.2 Balustrades and Handrails

    • Minimum height 865mm from floor of landing to a stair or stair nosing. 
    • Min height of 1m above any access path, balcony or landing. 
    • Openings in balustrades cannot exceed 125mm. 
    • Wire balustrades must meet requirements for NCC Table and
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