Concurrent Processing 2 Final

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  1. MPI-1
    • the core specification
    • mpi doesn't work without it
  2. mpi-2
    • an extension to the core spec
    • don't need it, but is useful
  3. 4 primary features of mpi-2
    • Parallel I/O
    • C++ binding
    • one-sided communications
    • dynamic process management
  4. parallel I/O
    concurrent file access by parallel processes
  5. one-sided communications
    • remote memory access
    • put, get
  6. dynamic process managment
    • allows a process to spawn other processes
    • disabled on sharcnet
    • available on MPICH2
  7. MPI-3
    • not widely implemented
    • uses non-blocking collective interfaces
  8. 3 ways to handle I/O
    • combined I/O
    • separate I/O
    • parallel I/O
  9. combined i/o
    master slave approach
  10. separate i/o
    data-parallel approach
  11. parallel i/o
    semantically, data parallel approach
  12. combined i/o via master process
    • only master deals with file i/o directly
    • master passes input data to the slaves
    • slaves pass output data back to the master
  13. 3 benefits of combined i/o via master process
    • only 1 set of input and output files to deal with
    • easy port from serial to parallel code
    • no issues if nodes use different file systems
  14. drawback of using combined i/o via master process
  15. separate i/o via all processes
    each process reads-from or writes-to a separate file
  16. benefits of separate i/o via all processes
  17. drawbacks of separate i/o via all processes
    • lots of separate files to manage
    • aggregation of results must be handled later
  18. explain parallel i/o
    feature of mpi-2 that enables multiple processes of a parallel program to access data from a common file
  19. c++ binding headers and libraries
    • #include <mpi.h>
    • mpi.lib
    • cxx.lib
  20. parallel i/o paradigm
    • treats file like a memory buffer (binary)
    • writing is like sending a message
    • reading is like receiving a message
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