A, De, and En rules (Spanish Prepositions)

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  1. meaning of "a"
    • to, at, in
    • expresses direction toward a point in space or a moment in time
  2. 1st use of "a"
    • to indicate the time (hour) of day
    • A las cinco salimos para Lima (at five we leave for Lima)
  3. 2nd use of "a"
    • after verbs of motion, when followed by an infinitive, a noun, or a pronoun
    • siempre vengo a comprar aquí (I always come to buy here)
  4. 3rd use of "a"
    • after the verbs empezar, comenzar, enseñar, and aprender, when followed by an infinitive
    • Ellos empezaron a salir. (They began to go out)
    • Te enseñé a bailar el tango. (I taught you to dance the tango)
  5. 4th use of "a"
    after the verb llegar
  6. 5th use of "a"
    • before a direct object noun that refers to a specific person. It may also be used to personify an animal or a thing
    • Yo no conozco a ese médico. (I don't know that doctor)
    • Bañé a mi perro. (I bathed my dog)
  7. meaning of "de"
    • of, from, about , with, in
    • indicates possession, material, and origin
  8. 1st use of "de"
    • to refer to a specific period of the day or night when telling time
    • El sábado pasado trabajamos hasta las ocho de la noche. (Last saturday we worked until 8pm)
  9. 2nd use of "de"
    • after the superlative to express "in" or "of"
    • Orlando es el más simpático de la familia. (Orlando is the nicest in the family)
  10. 3rd use of "de"
    • to describe personal physical characteristics
    • Es morena, de ojos negros (She is brunette with dark eyes)
  11. 4th use of "de"
    • as a synonym for sobre or acerca de (about)
    • Hablaban de todo menos del viaje. (they were talking about everything except about the trip)
  12. meaning of "en"
    • at, in, on, inside, over
    • in general situates someone or something within an area of time or space.
  13. 1st use of "en"
    • to refer to a definite place
    • Él siempre se queda en casa. (He always stays at home)
  14. 2nd use of "en"
    • as a synonym for sobre (on)
    • Está sentada en la silla (She is sitting on the chair)
  15. 3rd use of "en"
    • to indicate means of transportation
    • Nunca he viajado en ómnibus. (I have never traveled by bus)
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