Comm 218 Chapter 7

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  1. Listening
    the process of receiving and responding to other's messages.
  2. Hearing v listening
    hearing words v giving them meaning
  3. Mindless listening
    occurs when we react to others' messages automatically and routinely without much mental investment
  4. Mindful Listening
    involves careful and thoughtful attention and responses
  5. Reasons why we don't listen as effectively as we could. 4 things
    information overload, personal concerns, rapid thought, and noise.
  6. Components of listening
    Hearing, attending, understanding, remembering and responding.
  7. Types of Listening responses 8 types
    silent listening, questioning, paraphrasing, emphasizing, supporting, evaluating, analyzing, advising
  8. Why do we form relationships?
    Appearance, similarity, complementarity, rewards, competency, proximity, disclosure.
  9. Steps of relationship development
    initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, bonding, differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, terminating. Most don't move past experimenting in the forming of relationships.
  10. Altman and Taylor? Mark Knapp
    Social Penetration. Social Intercourse.
  11. Dialectical Tensions
    Leslie Baxter. Focuses on the ideas that as we go about our dray to day lives we have needs that sometimes conflict with other needs and how we go about dealing with these conflicting needs.
  12. Inclusion
    Internal v External. Connection v Autonomy. Inclusion v. Seclusion.
  13. Certainty
    Predictability v Novelty. Conventionality v. Uniqueness.
  14. Expression
    Openness v Privacy. Revelation v. Concealment.
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