New Religious Movements

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    • International society for Krishna Consciousness
    • Scripture is Baghavad Gita
    • Goal is to attain pure consciousness of Krishna
  2. Krishna Bakti
    • Doctrine
    • Complete Devotion to Krishna
  3. Maha Mantra
    Most Sacred mantra in the world
  4. Joseph Smith
    • American Christian
    • Revealed Golden plates by angel
    • founder of mormonism
  5. Book of mormon
    • Written by Joseph smith¬†
    • Translation of Golden plates
  6. Haile Selassie
    • Crowned the emperor of Ethiopia
    • Power of the Trinity¬†
    • viewed as God incarnate
  7. I
    Referring to God in me (Jah)
  8. Brigham Young
    • assumed leadership after Joseph Smith
    • Settled mormon community in Salt Lake City Utah
  9. Scripture of Church of Latter day saints
    • Bible
    • Book of Mormon
    • Pearl of Great Price
    • Doctrines and covenants
  10. Church of Latter day saints believe jesus not the father created the world
  11. Practices of Mormon
    • Temple rituals
    • missionary work
  12. Heaven's Gate
    Created by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles
  13. Goal of Heaven's Gate
    • TELAH
    • The Evolutionary Level Above Humans
  14. Hale Bopp
    Comet that they believed Bonnie Nettles would return on
  15. Raelian Movement
    • Claude Vorihon or Rael founded this movement
    • claimed to encounter humanoid aliens
    • reinterprets bible
    • Intelligent Design for Atheists
    • Sexual freedom
  16. rastafarianism
    founded by Bob Marley
  17. Marcus Garvey
    • Jamaican black nationalist leader
    • Founded Universal Negro Improvement Association
  18. Rituals of rastafarianism
    • Nayabinghis
    • part ritual dancing and drumming
  19. Dreadlocks
    represents lions
  20. Symbol of rastafarianism
    lion of judah
  21. Scripture of the iskcon
    baghavad Gita
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