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  1. Islam
    • 2nd largest religion
    • arabic root mostly in Saudi Arabia
    • largest muslim population 
    • incorporates Bible
  2. Founder of Islam
    Prophet Muhammad
  3. Bedouin Code of Honor
    • Follow tribal custom   
    • obeying patriarchal tribal elders   
    • keeping promises   
    • Generosity and hospitality   
    • Blood vengeance for the death of   member of ones tribe   
    • protecting the honor of tribe's women
  4. Hijra
    • "move"
    • Muhammad moves to medina most important event in Islam 
    • Muhammads authority is fully established
  5. Kaba
    cube shrine that lies in Mecca and houses sacred rock from heaven
  6. Doctrine of Islam
  7. Content of Quran
    • Proclamation of the oneness of Allah
    • Repitition of the same truth 114 times
    • features stories of Abraham and Moses
  8. Hadith
    • Other Scripture means "tradition"
    • collection of stories of Muhammad
  9. Tawhid
    • Doctrine of Unity
    • allah is one single absolute reality
  10. Shirk
    association of unforgivable sin
  11. two types of prophets
    Nabi and Rasul
  12. Nabi
    Prophet that has mission from God to warn people and send a message
  13. Rasul
    • "messenger"
    • Prophet that reveals scriptures
  14. God revealed in 3 ways
    • Nature
    • History 
    • Scripture
  15. Jinn
    • Spirits created out of fire
    • may be good or bad
  16. Iblis
  17. Judgement and Afterlife
    • those who submit will go to Heaven
    • others must pay for sins
  18. Sharia
    • Islamic law based on Quran, Hadith, and Sunna
    • community consensus with these laws
  19. 5 pillars of practice
    • Shahada- Statement of faith
    • Salat- prayer at mosque
    • zakat- "alms" encouraged to give aims to support
    • saum- fasting
    • haff- travel to Mecca
  20. Ramadam
    • Holiest month of the islamic year
    • abstain from food, drink, tobacco
  21. 5 steps of Hajj
    • Circumambulate the Kaba (walk around 7 times)
    • Run between safe and Marwa
    • Drinking water at Zamzam
    • Standing ceremony (most important of hajj
    • -at mt. araft stand in prayer for noon until sundown
    • Stoning the devil
  22. Mihrab
    niche inside of mosque to show what direction Mecca is to pray
  23. Shia
    followers of ali
  24. Sunni (most muslims)
    followers of abu bakr
  25. Caliph=Successor
    primary goal of caliphate was to spread Islam
  26. First Caliph
    Abu Bakr
  27. Second Caliph
  28. Golden Age of Islam
    • Baghdad becomes center of Islamic world
    • Time of learning and sharing of ideas
  29. Ottoman Caliphate
    Last Caliphate
  30. Two extremes of Secularizations of Islamic culture
    Turkey and Saudi Arabia
  31. Hijab
    Head Scarf
  32. Symbol of Islam
    Star and Crescent
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