Japanese Cinema Final

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  1. Jitsuroku-eiga
    realistic, often anarchistic yakuza films much given to entertaining violence
  2. ninkyo-eiga
    idealized, formalized yakuza films of a purportedly serious moral concern.
  3. roman-porno
    soft-core pornography made mainly by Nikkatsu in the 1960s.
  4. Pinku-eiga
    Pink movie, soft core pornographic film
  5. taiyozoku
    sun tribe, a late 1950's phenomenon; the juvenile delinquent in fiction and films about rebellious youth.
  6. Ampo
    • Japan-U.S. treaty of mutual security, renewable military agreement forged in 1951.
    • 1960 Treaty renewal, provoked mass demonstrations.
  7. V-cinema
    • Toei's straight-to-video line created in 1989, standard term for straight-to-video industry.
    • Boomed continued into 1990's. New platform for young directors. Death knell for Nikkatsu.
  8. zainichi
    korean japanese
  9. detached style
    Long takes from far away, avoiding close-ups and pov shots. Used to have audience detached from the characters treating them as outsiders. So we can never truly connect with the characters.
  10. erokakushon
    Nikkatsu's romanporno series
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