Sectarian Division

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  1. Islam Splits into those who follow abu bakr and those who follow ali
  2. Sunni
    • Means tradition
    • this is where most muslims subside
    • Follow abu bakr
    • Lineage: caliphates, military political leaders
    • Authority: Quran
  3. Ulama
    Muslim Scholars who help shape and interpret muslim law
  4. Shia
    • faction/party minority group
    • follow ali and are prominent in Iraq and Iran
    • Lineage: imams. Reject caliphate
  5. Imams
    Sinless infallible guides who are perfect
  6. Sufi
    • means woolen ones
    • woolen garments are sign of personal penitence, and purification
  7. Primary goal of sufism is to have union with the divine
  8. Dikr
    • remembrance
    • repeating the 99 names of Allah
  9. Rumi
    • well known sufi
    • persian sufi poet
    • Encouraged use of poetry, music and dance to form union with God
  10. Wahhabi (minority division)
    • Spread among sunnis
    • Prominent in Saudi Arabia
    • do not venerate teachers or else you will idolize them
    • Emphasis on Conformity
  11. Nation of Islam
    • geared more towards African Americans
    • founded by wali farad muhammad card
    • located in Detroit and Chicago
  12. Malcolm X
    black supremicist encouraged separation of Whites and Blacks
  13. Islamic calendar is lunar
    starts at the Hijra
  14. ramadam (9th month)
  15. Eid Alfitr
    breaking fast of ramadam
  16. Eid al-adha
    • Festival of the Great Sacrifice
    • celebrates completion of Pilgrimage
  17. Muhammad's Birthday
    "Maulid" 12th day of the third month
  18. Ashura
    • Shia holiday
    • day of mourning¬†
    • beating and slapping of chest
  19. Rites of Passage Birth
    • Shahada is the first thing baby hears
    • piece of fruit rubbed on baby's lips
  20. Rites of Passage Puberty
    First time of fasting during ramadan
  21. Rites of Passage Marriage
    • Muhammad encouraged marriage
    • arranged with brides consent
    • mahr- payment from groom to bride
    • exchange vows in front of a preist
  22. Rites of Passage Death
    • quran and shahada is recited
    • buried on their right side facing Mecca
    • widows must wait at least 4 months to remarry
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