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  1. The nutritional standards for operational rations do not apply to what type of rations?
    Restricted and survival
  2. Some operational rations are designed for special situations. These rations provide for the increased nutrional requirements imposed by expose to an extreme enviroment. This includes which meal?
    Cold weather
  3. What are intended for use by personnel involved in menu development,menu evaluation,nutrition education,nutrition research, and food research and development?
  4. Restricted rations are nutritionally incomplete rations used in certain operational scenarios, such as long-range patrol and reconnaissance, when troops are required to subsist for short periods(up to how many days) carrying minimal weight?
  5. Operational ration menus will be designed so the menus, when averaged, meet the NSOR.The calculated or assayed nutrient content of edible portions of food as offered for consumption will be compared to the NSOR.Total calories from fat should not exceed what percent of calories for these rations?
    35 percent
  6. What should serve as models to help military members,family members, and DOD employees meet recommended nutrional guidelines?
    DOD installation and hospital dining facilities
  7. Usually, no MDRI is established if there is no what for a given nutrient?
    RDA or DRI
  8. The MRE may be consumed as the sole ration for up to how many days?
    21 days
  9. Which Technical Note documents the basis for the MDRIs?
  10. The NSORs are based on the MDRIs and are designed to support the special nutrional requirements for various actual or simulated situations of what type?
    Combat situations
  11. Usually, no MDRIs is established if there is no RDA or Dri for a given nutrient.Exceptions will be approved by TSG, DA.Two approved exceptions in this regulation are for what?
    Potassium and sodium
  12. What rations are designed for military personnel in a wide variety of operatiobs, in widely varied settings, for limited time periods?
    Operational and restricted
  13. The GP-I contains how many calories?
  14. Who exercises DOD responsability for Nutritional Standards and Education and will establish nutritional standards for meals served to military personnel subsisting under normal operating conditions and while under simulated or actual combat conditions?
    Surgeon General, United States Army (USA)
  15. The MDRIs are what type of estimates of nutrient intakes to be used for planning and assessing diets for the healthy military population?
  16. Which rations include the Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose, Improved (GP-I) ration; the Food Packet Survival, Abandon Ship ration; and the Food Packet,Survival, Aircraft/Life Raft ration?
    Survival rations
  17. The current what are adapted from the FNBs Recommended Dietary Allowances, tenth revised edition, 1989?
  18. The most recent release of the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database for Standard Reference will be used as the standard reference for what?
    Nutrient composition
  19. Who will evaluate planned menus for compliance with the principles of Food Guide Pyramid and Dietary Guidelines for Americans?
    Deputy Chief of Stff for Logistics (DCSLOG), USA
  20. The Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship ration and the Food Packet, Survival, Aircraft/Life Raft ration both contain approximately how many calories, andare strictly short-term survival rations?
  21. Menu design will incorporate principles of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (U.S Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services) and the Food Guide Pyramid ( U.S. Department of Agriculture). The MDRIs will be met, when averaged, over a period of how long?
    5 to 10 day period
  22. Who will establish and implement mechanism to ensure menus meet nutritional standards?
    Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command, United States Navy (USN)
  23. What type of rations include the individual ration ( Meal, Ready-to- Eat (MRE) and group feeding rations (T-ration, Unitized B ration, and Unitized Group Rations (UGR-A and UGR-H&S ( heat and serve)), and are designed to be nutritionally adequate?
    Operational rations
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