intro psychology

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  1. Stimulus
    A thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue area of the brain which respond to auditory stimuli.
  2. Positive reinforcement
    Increase in the frequency of a target behavior (response)that occurs when a behavior is followed by presentation of a positive reinforcer.
  3. negative reinforcement
    Increase in the frequency of a target behavior (response) that occurs when a negative reinforcer is removed or terminated; escape conditioning and avoidance condition are examples.
  4. Conditioning
    Refers to the fact that the learning forms an association, usually between a stimulus and a response or between two stimuli.
  5. Spontaneous recovery
    Reappearance of an extinguished CR after the passage of time.
  6. Generalization
    Occurrence of responses to stimuli that are similar to a CS
  7. Discrimination
    Occurrence of responses only in a specific CS
  8. Primary reinforcer
    Stimulus that has innate reinforcing properties
  9. Secondary reinforcer
    Stimulus that acquires reinforcing properties by being associated with a primary reinforcer.
  10. Shaping
    A form of operant conditioning in which a desired response is taught by reinforcement of successive response that more closely resembles the target response.
  11. Law of Effect
    Thorndike's view that reinforcers promote learning, whereas punishers lead to the unlearning of responses.
  12. Schedules of Reinforcement
    Preset pattern for delivering reinforcement.
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