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  1. Naturalism is the opposite of what?
    Romanticism and trancendentalism
  2. Naturalism is an offshoot of what?
  3. What is the difference between Naturalism and Realism?
    Realism conveys a moral universe and shows the comic side of life whereas Naturalism does not.
  4. What are the seven characteristics of Naturalism?
    • 1. Life is Grim
    • 2. Outside Forces Determine Fate
    • 3. Strength and Dignity Maintained 
    • 4. Exposure of Cruelty and Corruption- Futility       of War
    • 5. Grim View of Human Condition
    • 6. No Moral Universe
    • 7. Comic Side of Life is Not Represented
  5. Naturalism applies the theories of which three people?
    Darwin, Freud, and Marx
  6. What are the characters in Naturalism unable to understand?
    They are unable to understand or control outside forces and the universe.
  7. In "The Open Boat" what point o view is the story told and why?
    There is a shifting perspective, third person omniscient, because humanity cannot understand and they are all the same
  8. In "The Open Boat," give examples of individual vs Nature.
    Man can see the shore but nature isn't allowing it
  9. In "The Open Boat," give an example of perspective.
    The people on the beach think the men on the boat are fishing for sport and having fun. The color of the sky; they are so consumed by the situation they don't even notice the color of the sky
  10. In "The Open Boat," give an example of death.
    Billie is the most capable and likely to live but dies- outside forces determine fate
  11. In "The Open Boat," give an example of free will.
    humanity does not have free will, they cant get to the beach even though they see it, waves force them onto the beach
  12. In "The Open Boat" is an allegory. Explain the allegorical connotation.
    Men=Humanity Sea=Universe, humanity cannot control nature, outside forces determine fate
  13. In "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," what is Peyton Farquhar's background?
    He is a southerner on the side of the Confederates during the Civil War but he cannot fight; he tries to help in anyway he can.
  14. In "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," how does Farquhar die?
    He is hanged
  15. In "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," why did the soldier who visited Farquhar give him such detailed information about the bridge?
    He was tricking him into going there to die
  16. In "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,"  give three different examples from the story that show naturalism characteristics.
    • 1. Life is Grim- He dies
    • 2. Strength and Dignity-he wants to live and         fights for his life
    • 3. His understanding of the
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