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  1. Ionizing radiation most often interacts with which molecules in the human body to produce molecular damage through an indirect action?
  2. Cells that are oxygenated are more susceptible to radiation damage. This refers to what?
    the oxygen enhancement ratio (OER)
  3. When does radiolysis of water occur?
    when water is ionized
  4. The death of immature cells in the epithelial lining will result in death from which of the following?

    Central nervous system syndrome
    Cerebrovascular syndrome
    Bone marrow syndrome 
    Gastrointestinal syndrome
    Gastrointestinal syndrome
  5. Bone marrow transplants can be used to help those exposed to which of the following?
    5gy 500 rad
  6. How long does the prodromal stage of acute radiation syndrome generally last?
    A few hours to several days
  7. What can happen to individuals who survive acute radiation syndrome?
    Selected Answer: The effects of radiation exposure can result in both cancers and genetic damage
  8. How does a very high radiation dose affect stem cells?
    Selected Answer: Permanent decrease
  9. What happens to the recovery rate of bone marrow as the dose of radiation increases?
    Selected Answer: The recovery time increases
  10. How does the size of a radiation dose affect mean survival time?
    As the dose increases, the mean survival time decreases
  11. At what dose does hematopoietic syndrome begin?
    1 Gy (100 rad)
  12. What generally happens to bone marrow when it is exposed to a radiation dose of less than 1 Gy (100 rad)?
    Short-term damage, with recovery within a few weeks
  13. What are the most radiosensitive white blood cells in the human body?
  14. What is the length of time between radiation exposure and death from cerebrovascular syndrome?
    From hours up to 2 to 3 days
  15. If someone is exposed to a 1 Gy (100 rad) whole-body dose of ionizing radiation, what will be the result?
    Illness, but death will not normally occur
  16. What syndrome most likely occurs when a person is exposed to 1 to 10 Gy (100 to 1000 rad) of ionizing radiation?
    Hematopoietic syndrome
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