anthro final chp 11

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  1. applied anthropology
    • use of anthropological data, perspectives, theory, and methods to identify, assess, and solve contemporary problems
    • considered a 5th subfield
  2. development anthropology
    focuses on social issues in, and the cultural dimension of, economic development.

    (carryout and guide development policies)
  3. medical anthropology
    study of diseases & health problems from an anthropological view
  4. disease vs illness
    • diseases reflect diet, population density, economy, and social complexity.
    • illness may be personalistic, naturalistic, or emotionalistic.
  5. engaged anthropology
    going back again and again
  6. how anthropologists can contribute to understanding medical crises such as Ebola
    • community mobilization
    • provide culturally-sensitive and appropriate health education
    • work with particular groups
  7. scarcity explanation
    over populated have too few resources and cant produce enough food for everyone
  8. inequality explanation
    notion that hunger is caused by unequal distribution of resources
  9. collaborative anthropology
    when questions, theories, and methods are developed by the anthropologist and population in question
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