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  1. All tuberculin reactors who have completed a course of preventive therapy and monthly evaluation, as well as all previously-known reactors must receive a brief clinical evaluation by the cognizant MDR how often?
  2. In cases where tuberculin reactors are known to be close contacts of a person or persons with demonstrated INH-resistant tuberculosis, What may be substituted for INH?
  3. When a quialified MDR goes to the worlplace to apply tuberculin skin tests and returns to the workplace in 48 to 72 hours to read the test it is called the what approach?
    "house call"
  4. Do not use what for PPD administration?
    Hypodermic jet injector
  5. What person of the duty station to which a person with tuberculosis disease was attached at the time of the diagnosis of his or her disease, is responsiblee for the tuberculosis contact investigation?
    Commanding Officer in charge
  6. After newly identified tuberculin reactors have been referred for preventive therapy, the cognizant MDR must follow these patients how often until preventive therapy is complete?
  7. If the person returns more tha 72 hours after PPD application and the induration is zero to 14mm, make an entry of what on SF 601?
    "not read"
  8. Tuberculin reactors with HIV infection and persons with stable abnormal chest radiographs consistent with past tuberculosis should receive how many months of continuous therapy with INH?
  9. If a patient misses more than 1 month of therapy, but has completed more than how many months of therapy at the beginning of the lapse, restart the program with the goal of completing at least that many subsequent months of therapy?
  10. Tuberculin reactors with no risk factors for the development of tuberculosis disease should receive how many moths of continous therapy with INH?
  11. When a case of active pulmonary tuberculosis disease is discovered, the filters in the ventilation system exhausting the berthing, messing areas,workspaces, and medical spaces must be what?
  12. The antibiotic regimen of choice for tuberculosis preventive therapy is INH in an oral daily dose of what mg for adults and what mg for children?
  13. An investigation must be started upon notification that a present or former(withing the past how many months) member of the command has suspected or confirmed tuberculosis sisease?
  14. Initially, BCG vaccine cause a reaction to the PPD skin test. The reaction is usually less than 10mm induration and disappears with how many years of vaccination?
  15. During routine screening after the initial screening, the rate of newly-identified tuberculin reactors normally is no more than what percent of personnel tested in most Navy and Marine Corp settings?
    1to 2
  16. A properly applied skin test will raise a small pale, sharply demarcated wheal on the skin, which quickly disappears.If no wheal appears, the PPD has been injected where?
  17. Which tuberculin tests produce significant numbers of both false-posituve and false-negative test results, and are not to be used except on the specific recommendation of the are NAVENPVNTMEDU?
  18. What does not develop from simple tuberculin skin testing,no matter how often a person undergoes such testing?
  19. The command initiating the contact investigation must prepare and maintain summaries of the investigation. Summary records are required for the initial study and the 3 month follow up investigation. The record must be retained on file for at least how long?
    3 years
  20. If the rate newly-identified reactors is greater than what percent among any group tested, consider searching for an active case of tuberculosis disease in the command?
  21. The only approved tuberculin skin test material for the routine Mantoux test is the premixed what intermediate strength PPD?
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