Wind Hydro

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  1. 3 major Types of Towers
    • Tilt UP
    • Free Standing
    • Guide Tower
  2. What percentage of energy does IEA predict by 2030 for wind
  3. Best way to determine power output of windturbine?
    Swept Area
  4. What is a way to do Qualitative Assesment
    Tree Flagging
  5. Advantages of Off Shore Wind
    • Located near dense population
    • Good Resource
    • Low Obstructions
  6. What formulas do you use to find Resource Potential
    • AA P/A
    • P/A
  7. What does the S0 and H0 stand for in Wind Speed Formula
    Original Heights
  8. What are disadvantages of Vertical Wind turbines
    • 1 scale
    • Must be lift based
    • Stressors on buildings
    • No start lower wind speed
  9. Lift vs Drag
    Lift: More efficient for electrical use
  10. Know what a Darius and Savonious Turbine Look Like.
    • Darius looks like a D
    • Savonious looks like helix
  11. Name Regulation Technology and what is the purpose
    • Furhling
    • Coning
    • Pitch
    • Reduce Swept Area and Increase Aerodynamic Drag
  12. Small UP to
    Community Up to
    Utility Up to
    • <100 kW
    • 100 kW<  <1MW
    • >1MW
  13. Minimum hieght of swept area for obstruction w/in 300-500 ft.?
    30 ft.
  14. What is the power density of a site with 9m/s wind spped at 3000 ft and 60°F. Derate Factors
    .92 and .99
    • P/A= .5(1.225)(.92)(.99)(9m/s)3
    • P/A= 406 W/m
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