that's english modulo 5 unit 6 -1

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  1. salir disparado, salir corriendo
    take off / took off / taken off

    bil wouldn't be very happy is i took off again so soon after the last trip
  2. no poder conseguir
    can't manage to

    he can't manage to run the cafe properly if i am not around
  3. vuelta al mundo
    round-the-world trip
  4. ropa termica
    warm clothes
  5. condicional 1 (probable)
    if  sujeto +present +sujeto+ will+ verb
    We'll need some warm clothes if we're going to Nepal and Tibet 

    These'll be perfect if they have a size 6. 

    We'll get ten percent off if we buy a tent today

    If you need a cooking stove, it'll be much easier to carry this lightweight one 

    if you're travelling to South East Asia, you should buy the Lonely World Guide. 

    • if you want any more advice on backpacking, you can go to the café at the end of the
    • street 

    If we buy all of this, it'll cost us a fortune.
  6. condicional (probable)

    if +sujeto+presente, sujeto+need/ may/can/should/ +verb
    if you want my advice, you don’t need all of this stuff

    If you take all of this, you may have to pay for excess baggage at every airport.
  7. mochilero
    • backpacking [ˈbækˌpækɪŋ]
    • some advice on backpacking
  8. pagar algo
    pay for

    After we've paid for flights,
  9. como se va  de ………a….?
    How do you get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok?
  10. se parece a
    it looks like
  11. estas fotos son de…..
    These pictures are from an island
  12. una de las peores experiencias viajando que he tenido fue
    • one of the worst travelling experiences
    • I've had was  i
  13. estar de pie
    stand up
  14. impermeable
    waterproof [ˈwɔːtəpruːf

    waterproof boots
  15. mochila
    rucksack [ˈrʌksæk] N (esp Brit) mochila f
  16. ligero
  17. linterna
    lantern [ˈlæntən]
  18. grueso
    thick [θɪk]
  19. calcetines para caminatas
    walking socks.
  20. practicar el mochileo
    to be backpacking
  21. cosas
    • stuff [stʌf]
    • all of this stuff
  22. liviano, ligero de poco peso
    lightweight [ˈlaɪtweɪt]
  23. linterna de frente
    head torch.  [tɔːtʃ]
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