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  1. Vietnam was ruled by China for a thousand years before it won its independence in 939 CE. • For many years, the country thrived and was one of the most advanced cultures in Asia. • However, by the 1900s, it would become another Southeastern Asian country controlled by a European power.
  2. France laid claim to the land area known as Indochina (now Vietnam) in the 1900s. • The French wanted control of this land because of its seaports and abundance of natural resources.
  3. The people who lived in Indochina had worked hard for generations to maintain independence from China. • They resented being treated like second-class citizens in their own country by the French. • Soon, nationalism was on the rise and it was directed at the French colony leaders.
  4. Ho Chi Minh was a young man who began to fight for independence from the French. • He believed that the Communist Party was the way to go because they often spoke against European colonial powers. • In the 1930s, he organized the Indochinese Communist Party and staged protests against the French. • The French rulers arrested many of the members, and Minh had to flee the country to escape the death penalty.
  5. On September 2, 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam’s independence from France. • He created the Vietminh League, a guerrilla army, to fight against the French. • The Vietminh received assistance from China and the Soviet Union. • For 8 years, the Vietminh fought the French without much success until 1954 when they defeated a French military camp at Dien Bien Phu. • After this Vietminh victory, the French finally decided to surrender control of the country to Ho Chi Minh.
  6. The two sides went to Geneva, Switzerland for a conference to end French involvement in Vietnam. • The US also attended and was alarmed at the idea of Minh & the Communist Party ruling Vietnam. • The US used its influence to have the country split into two parts (at the 17th Parallel), with Minh in control of the northern region and the US in charge of the southern region. • The plan was to keep Vietnam split until the country was stabilized, and then to let the people vote on what kind of government they wanted to country to have.
  7. Although he had control over the north, Ho Chi Minh was not satisfied and continued to fight for full Vietnamese unification. • He created another guerrilla army, the Viet Cong, to fight against anti-communist forces in South Vietnam. • In 1965, the US went to war with North Vietnam to protect the South and to prevent the spread of communism. • Over 500,000 US troops fought in Vietnam. • Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Cong fought against American forces for almost a decade.
  8. After many years of fighting and the loss of thousands of lives on both sides, the US decided to withdraw its forces from Vietnam in 1973. • The conflict ended in a cease-fire agreement. • The last US helicopter left the American Embassy in Vietnam in April 1975. • The next day, the North Vietnamese army took over the country and unified it as the Republic of Vietnam. • Even though Ho Chi Minh died in 1969, his dream of an independent Vietnam finally became a reality.
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