COMG 251 Final Exam

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  1. What is the goal of a Persuasive Speech?
    To influence the attitudes, beliefs, and or behaviors of audience members
  2. Challenges of Persuasive Speech
    • dealing with more controversial topics
    • more active listeners
    • different audiences
  3. You can move anyone into becoming strongly opposed or strongly in favor
  4. Question of Fact
    • the question of the truth or falsity of an assertion.
    • Ex. Will the economy be better or worse in the future
  5. Question of Value
    • A question about the worth, rightness, or morality of an idea or action
    • Ex. Is Capital Punishment ethical or unethical?
  6. Question of Policy
    • A question of whether or not a specific course of action should be taken
    • Ex. What should be done in order to improve the quality of UHM students?
  7. Methods of persuasion
    • Building credibility
    • using evidence
    • reasoning
    • appealing to emotions
  8. Ethos
    • Aristotles name for credibility¬†
    • within credibility we look for competence and caring
  9. Initial Credibility
    credibility before you speak
  10. Derived Credibility
    produced during the speech
  11. terminal credibility
    Produced at the end of the speech
  12. How to enhance credibility
    • Explain competence
    • Establish common ground
  13. Logos
    • Aristotles name for logical appeal
    • using evidence and reasoning
  14. Types of Reasoning
    • specific instances
    • principle
    • causal
    • analogical reasoning
  15. Fallacy
    hasty generalization from insufficient evidence
  16. Pathos
    emotional appeal
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