CMMC 151- Exam questions

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  1. Your test lists seven elements of interpersonal attraction. List and define any two.
    • -Short term attraction- the degree of potential for developing an interpersonal relationship. (ex. looks)
    • -Proximity- The likelihood of being attracted to people who are physically close rather than to those who are farther away
  2. What are three strategies for uncertainty reduction? List them.
    • -passive strategy
    • -active strategy
    • -interactive strategy
  3. Why is self-disclosure important to forming and maintaining different relationships?
    Self-disclosure is important to maintaining relationships because it is information voluntarily shared that other people would never learn unless told
  4. Your text covered relationships types based on power dynamics. List and explain any one of the three
    • -complementary relationship
    • -symmetrical relationship
    • -parallel relationship- a relationship in which power continually shifts from one partner to the other
  5. Your text covered three conflict management styles. Briefly explain any one
    • -non-confrontational style- a conflict management style that involves backing off, avoiding conflict, or giving in to the other person
    • -confrontational style
    • -cooperative style
  6. What is the difference between power and status?
    • -status- an individual's importance and prestige
    • -power- the ability to influence other people's behavior
  7. List Fisher's four phases of group development (group talk).
    • -orientation phase
    • -conflict phase
    • -emergence phase
    • -reinforcement phase
  8. According to your text, there are reasons NOT to work in teams. What is one?
  9. Your text outlines six critical functions of effective groups. List and explain any two.
    • -gather appropriate information
    • -share information
    • -develop options- expand the group's choices before deciding on a course of action
    • -evaluate ideas- examine pros and cons before implementing a strategy
    • -identify a clear, elevating goal
    • -develop sensitivity towards others
  10. Your text lists the top six reasons groups and teams sometimes make stupid decisions. List any two.
    • -no common goal
    • -groupthink
  11. Define high and low context and give examples of how the different contexts show up in movies and television.
    • -high context cultures- a culture in which people derive much information from nonverbal and environmental cues and less information form the words of a message
    • -low context cultures- a culture in which people derive much information from the words of a message and less information from nonverbal and environmental cues
  12. What does it mean to be inter-culturally competent? How does that help us in the business world?
    It is the ability to adapt one's behavior toward another person in ways that are appropriate to the other person's culture. it is important in the business world so you don't offend others
  13. Define stereotyping and prejudice and discuss how it shows up in sports, media, education OR business
    • -stereotyping- to place a person or group of person into an inflexible, all encompassing category.
    • (All cheerleaders are dumb)
    • -prejudice- A judgement of someone based on an assumption that you already know relevant facts or background information about the person
    • (Women can't play at the same level as men)
  14. Define ethnocentrism and give at least two examples of how it shows up in communication
    • The belief that one's own cultural traditions and assumptions are superior to those of others. 
    • -Football games (We're #1!)
    • -
  15. List, define and discuss at least two of the stages of intercultural competence
    • -Acceptance- a person begins to realize that there are other culturally based ways of behaving
    • -Adaptation- A person consciously seeks to appropriately adapt his or her behavior in response to cultural differences
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