Lecture: Chapter 20 & 23 - Blood Vessels & Digestive system

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  1. T or F: capillaries only contains a tunica intima
    True: endothelial cells + a basement membrane
  2. Finish what these molecules are digested into:
    1. Carbs ->
    2. Lipids ->
    3. Proteins ->
    • 1. Carbs -> simple sugars
    • 2. Lipids -> triglycerides
    • 3. Proteins -> amino acids
  3. What are examples of mechanical digestion?
    chewing, churning, segmentation
  4. What kind of digestion is it when a polymer is broken down into monomers using enzymes.
    chemical digestion
  5. This is a radially symmetrical contraction and relaxation of muscles that propagates in a wave down a tube, in an anterograde direction.
  6. This is  a process by which some physical digestion occurs in the small intestine, the chime sloshes back and forth between segments of the small intestine that form when bands of circular muscle briefly contract.
  7. What is gustation
  8. what is deglutition
  9. What kind of epithelium is in the esophagus?
    protective epith. (stratified squamous)
  10. What kind of epithelium are in the stomach, small and large intestines?
    transporting epithelia (simple columnar)
  11. What kind of epithelium are in the anal canal?
    protective epith (strat. squam)
  12. What are the 4 layers of the alimentary canal? what is in the middle?
    • 1. Mucosa: goblet cells, lamina propria
    • 2. submucosa: mucous glands, blood vessels
    • 3. muscularis externa: smooth muscle
    • 4. serosa adventitia: fibrous CT
    • middle: Lumen
  13. Which layer of the alimentary canal has smooth muscle?
    3rd: The muscularis externa
  14. What does the submucosal nerve plexus do?
    makes glands secrete
  15. This name refers to digestive activities that are mostly automatic and controlled by its own intrinsic nervous system.
    enteric nervous system
  16. How does lipase get activated from the salvitory glands?
    gets activated by the low Ph in the stomach.
  17. The stomach secretes this to protect the stomach wall from its digestive properties
    bicarbonate buffered mucus
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