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  1. in which stage of life span is age least useful in defining the onset of a stage
    older adulthood
  2. cattell and horn have called mental abilities that depend on education and experiences in the world ____ intelligence
  3. androgyny is most likely to ____ as we grow older
  4. which type of change would be most useful in defining the onset of a stage
  5. which factor, based on class discussion, best predicts the onset of old age
    functional age
  6. according to the text and class, the cohort to which one belongs can have an influence on ones personality
  7. which of the following statements concerning encoding processes is false
    training older adults to improve encoding processes has not been successful
  8. loss of ____ would be our class' most accurate predictor of the onset of old age
  9. which of the following is not found in self-report research on remembering and forgetting
    memory failure is more common in situations which are part of the older adult's normal routine
  10. poor hearing and vision at the age of 80 is caused by the passage of time
  11. divorce is a normative age graded life event
  12. research on memory training indicates that healthy elderly people can be effectively trained to improve their memory
  13. short-term memory is more associated with
    recency effect
  14. a group of people with some common attributes due to similar birth date or experience is called a
  15. the greater ecological validity, the ____ the older adult will perform on memory tasks
  16. most longitudinal studies have shown personality to
    remain stable with age
  17. older adults are usually less sensitive to their memory failures than younger adults
  18. which of the following can be a mediator of stress in older adults
    • money
    • personality
    • social support
    • (ALL)
  19. which of the following is least likely to facilitate or cause personality change
    increased chronological age
  20. probabilistically stressful life events that are unanticipated are more stressful than events that are anticipated
  21. ____ of old people fit the stereotypical picture of aging
  22. Low T refers to
    male hormones
  23. the efficiency of the aging brain may be affected by which of the following
    • neuron loss
    • availability of neurotransmitters
    • damage to the brain
  24. intelligence tests measure
  25. as you grow older, you become ____ like yourself
  26. which type of design overestimates mental performances in older adults
  27. of the three types of intelligence, which type is more stable as we age
  28. according to the book, older people who retain their health will have a substantial change in intellectual functioning
  29. primary aging is aging that is
  30. older adults can be trained to perform at a higher level in fluid intelligence tasks
  31. the decline that we see in many older adults in their memory is due to
    • cognitive change
    • environmental factors
  32. recognition shows more decline with age than recall
  33. based on our lecture, around the age of __ the personality of an individual becomes less likely to change
  34. what was the other factor, besides identity, talked about in lecture that could possibly catalyze change in personality
    life event stress
  35. which has a higher likelihood of occurring in women over 50
    heart attack
  36. normal aging is disease free
  37. ahhh answer is an active person after retirement
    an active person after retirement
  38. as we move through the lifespan, individual differences
    increase and are greatest in old age
  39. a cross sectional design examines ____ whereas a longitudinal design examines ___
    • age difference
    • age changes
  40. as healthy males age from 30 - 70
    none of the above
  41. a probabilistic statement
    is useful
  42. by the age of 60 most men
    take longer to attain an erection than 20 year olds
  43. there are no physical changes in the reproductive system that would lead to lower levels of sexual intercourse
  44. as we grow older, there are reasons why the pleasure of sexual intercourse could be greater
  45. a 73 year old man would be best classified as
  46. the two factors that energize change in development are
    genes and experience
  47. testimonials are flawed as a science because
    what is true for one might not generalize
  48. knowledge doesn't have to be certain to be useful implies
    if you know what will usually happen, this can help guide your decision
  49. hormonal replacement therapy has a positive outcome on which of the following
  50. the stress of the event is related to
    • cognitive appraisal of the event
    • unique characteristics of the individual experiencing the event
  51. the women health initiative investigated the relationship between
    hormonal replacement therapy and health
  52. which of the following is true regarding dependency in old age
    dependencies of older people often threaten their self-reliance, personal autonomy, and self-esteem
  53. marriage could be an example of
    • distressor
    • age graded stressor
    • eustressor
  54. which symptom or change is not associated with peri-menopause
    increase in estrogen
  55. the three phases of the memory process are
    encoding, storage, retrieval
  56. intelligence tests were made to
    discriminate (litte d)
  57. if the age of retirement today bore the same relationship to later life expectancy as it did when the social security system was established, people would now be expected to retire at age 80
  58. longitudinal studies of intelligence indicate that
    none of the above
  59. which of the following statements is false regarding the findings of longitudinal studies on age related change in intellectual performance
    abilities generally peak in young adulthood followed by a relatively sharp decline
  60. which type of modifier of intelligence is more easily compensated
    non-cognitive modifier
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