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  1. Robert Edmond Jones quote
    "The only theatre worth saving...is a theatre motion picture cannot touch."
  2. By the early 1900's (death of theater stats)
    • 10,000 nickelodeon movie theaters in the U.S.
    • 1400 theaters converted to movie houses
    • Touring theater companies dropped from 300 to 10
  3. By early 20th century avant-garde began to mean
    pioneers or innovators of a given field, especially the arts
  4. 5 styles of avant-garde theater
    symbolism, expressionism, dadaism or surrealism, futurism, absurdism
  5. symbolism
    truth behind the physical world. Life is more complex than our 5 senses can analyze, specific and concrete replace by suggestive and metaphorical
  6. Expressionism
    Started in germany. reaction to impressionism. not what appears to the eye ata a particular moment but instead a subjective reaction to reality, revealing an internal state. Ex. pink elephants when drunk; Mr. Zero replaced by machine
  7. Dadaism and Surrealism
    Life has no purpose; often violent and cruel; no clear organizing principles in the writing or staging, confusing and antagonizing to the audience, unconscious mind reveals the truth. Ex: Theater of cruelty (Antonin Artaud),Andy Kaufman, Joaquin Phoenix
  8. Futurism
    launched in 1909 by Italian Filipo Marinetti, who glorified the machine age and believed the veneration of the past lead to stagnation;involved audience participation and often led audience anger and riots; rejected the old theater forms which encouraged voyeurism and detachment; An epic play might only last 15 seconds and have multiple plays performed at once
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