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  1. describe and give examples of different types of stress
    • eustress - positive (workingout, studying, raising children)
    • distress - negative (accidents, money, health,)
  2. what are the different types of behavior patterns? describe characteristics.
    • Type A - goal oriented, stressed, controlling
    • Type B - calm, easy going, less stressed
  3. describe 3 different relaxation techniques and how they are performed
    • progressive relaxation- tensing each muscle group for 3 seconds and then relaxing
    • meditation- taking quiet time and relaxing the body through mind and body relaxation
    • breathing - slow paced breathing through pursed lips
  4. A MET is equivelent to how many ml/kg/min. what does it mean?
    • 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute
    • Metabolic Equivelent that represents the energy used while at rest
  5. What is the key to successful weight management?
    • Monitor caloric intake
    • avoid automatic eating
    • exercise
    • Utilize smart goals - SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, time sensitive)
  6. What are smart goals?
    • specific
    • measurable
    • acceptable
    • realistic
    • time sensitive
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