BIOL 319

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  1. What determines the porosity of wood tissue?
    • species-specific arrangement of tracheids and vessels
    • porosity influences its density, permeability and acoustical properties
  2. Describe the porosity of angiosperms and softwoods
    Angiosperms: contains tracheids and vessels in diffuse porous, ring porous or semi-ring porous arrangements

    softwoods: contain only tracheids
  3. What characteristics of wood would influence its utility?
    • wood density (related to porosity)
    • porosity
    • flexibility and strength
    • resistance to rot
    • beauty
  4. What kind of musical instruments can be made from plant material?
    • percussion (drums, rattles)
    • wind (flute, didgeridoo)
  5. What are some traditional ways of cooking?
    • 3 stone open fires
    • open fire roasting spit
    • coal roasting
    • improved wood and charcoal stoves
    • solar cooking (many disadvantages)
    • advanced technology cook stoves (used molten salt from solar energy)
  6. What kind of material would be good for raft-making?
    Baboo, because it is water resistance and buoyant, and it contains diaphragms
  7. vessy tree
    • to make a ships haul
    • the wood is very dense
  8. What plants are of huge economic important to Hawaii?
    • sugar cane and sweet banana
    • both are ancient introductions
  9. What kind of plants did the Polynesians carry to New Zealand and Hawaii?
    • sweet banana
    • sugarcane
    • sweet potato
    • bottled gourd
    • taro
  10. What is the most well-known watercraft used by native americans?
    • birchbark canoe
    • from different kind of birch trees, white birch was the best kind to use.
  11. Who did NOT use a bow and arrow?
    the aborigine and mari of Australia and New Zealand, they relied on spears and boomerangs.
  12. What would affect the bows speed?
    characteristics of the wood (influences weight, draweight and lifespan), length, width and shape of the bow
  13. What are some tools of combat?
    • bow and arrow
    • war axe
    • spears
    • plant based poisons (eg water hemlock, false hellebore, curare which was mixed with frog poison and the stems and roots of the plant)
    • armour and war masks (made from seaheart seeds)
    • war masks
  14. mystisism
    knowledge or power gained through transcendent experience
  15. spirituality
    belief in a power greater than oneself and that there is some higher purpose and meaning to life beyond the physical
  16. religion
    a system of attitudes, beleifs, and practices, concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially as considered the creation of a supernatural agency
  17. Why are plants connected to systems of beleifs and rituals?
    planting and harvest rituals
  18. What is considered one of the first acts of faith
    planting seeds
  19. What are the different kinds of secondary metabolites?
    • phenolics- lignin, suberin.... favenoids ]
    • nitrogen containing - alkaloids
    • terpenoids
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