marriage and family

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  1. top causes for divorce in women (middle aged)
    physical abuse, cheating, alcohol/drug abuse
  2. top causes for divorce in men (middle aged)
    cheating, falling out of love, different values/lifestyles
  3. positive retirement adjustment
    • good health
    • economic security
    • positive support network
  4. eriksons stages of development
    trust vs. mistrust: live or die

    autonomy vs. shame & doubt: can i do this by myself

    Initiative vs. guilt: can I take the initiative?

    Industry vs. inferiority: what am I good at?

    Identity vs role confusion: who am I ?

    Intimacy vs. isolation: balancing my identity with yours

    Generativity vs. stagnation: what have I accomplished

    Integrity vs. despair: I feel whole vs. regrets
  5. empty nest syndrome
    loss of purpose and emptiness when children leave, "adjustment period"
  6. spacious nest
    more money, more room, more time
  7. boomerange kids
    adult children who return home
  8. myth about old age
    older adults not interested in sex
  9. symbolic meanings of grandparenthood
    • teacher role
    • social status
    • emotional fulfillment (legacy)
  10. male menopause symptoms
    • lose androgen > develop breasts
    • reduction of ejaculation
    • smaller, less firm testes
    • less frequent rigid ejections
  11. 3 types of stress
    • physiological
    • psychological
    • sociocultural
  12. stress and the immune system
    you can..
    eat right, eat breakfast and low fat foods, avoid tobacco, limit caffeine and alcohol, daily exercise, at least 7 hours of sleep**
  13. chronic work stressors lead to
    cardiovascular disease
  14. negative life events lead to..
    breast cancer
  15. interpersonal and work related stressors lead to..
    influenza & common cold
  16. boundary ambiguity
    • is the person in or out of the family, physical or psychological presence
    • alcoholic physically present but not psychologically
    • parent in military, psychologically not physically present
  17. stress across family life cycle
    • adolescence:
    • high family stressors low family satisfaction
  18. 5 stages of development
    • predeployment: denial/anticipation
    • deployment: readjustment
    • sustainment: new routine
    • pre deployment: excitement
    • post deployment: re-establishing emotional intimacy
  19. 3 types domestic violence
    • intimate terrorism, take control/physical harm
    • violence resistance, self defense
    • situational/couple violence: violence occurs with specific issue
  20. whats included in domestic violence
    • impositions
    • exploitation of financial independence
    • isolation
    • destruction of property
  21. program for families of alcoholic/addict
    alanon & alateen
  22. top 5 issues for divorce
    • power struggles
    • lack of love
    • communication
    • extra marital affairs
    • unrealistic expectations
  23. most difficult reasons for therapists to treat from divorce
    • lack of loving feelings
    • alcoholism
    • affairs
  24. most damaging problems of divorce
    • physical abuse
    • affairs
    • alcoholism
  25. no fault divorce
    • incompatibility/irreconcilable differences
    • both spouses resumed equal responsibility in finances
  26. 6 styles of adjustment (to divorce)
    • enhanced: divorce helped develop more fully
    • competent loners: no re marry, happy single life
    • good enoughs: no negative impact
    • seekers: remarriage brings security/meaning
    • libertines: fast lane/enjoying life (wanting something more, more risky behavior)
    • defeateds: depression, drug abuse, bitterness
  27. impact of divorce on children
    • social/emotional problems
    • resilience more prominent
  28. 4 types of binuclear families
    • perfect pals: spend holidays together, joint decisions
    • cooperative colleagues: joint decisions, won't spend time together
    • angry associated: still bitter, only connect when have to
    • fiery foes: hate
  29. types of custody
    • sole: child lives with 1 parent, secondary has visiting rights
    • joint: parents have equal rights
    • split: each parent has sole custody of one child
  30. 6 stations of divorce
    • emotional: deterioration of marriage
    • legal: dissolution by courts, after 6 month span
    • economic: money/property division
    • coparental: decisions about custody, single parenting visitation rights
    • community: splitting up friends groups, like movie break up
    • psychological: regaining of individual autonomy
  31. types of co parenting
    frequent conflict
  32. types of co parenting
    low conflicted, limited communication
  33. types of co parenting
    support each other
  34. ___ of cohabitation people plan to marry their partners
  35. what is sandwiching (middle aged)
    being caught between taking care of your parents and taking care of your kids
  36. characteristics of long term couples in middle age
    • longevity and happiness
    • more complacent couples
  37. more family members =
    more stress/less satisfaction
  38. stages in forming step family
    • entering new relationship
    • planning new relationship and family
    • developing a stepfamily
  39. factors affecting time fathers spend with childrean
    • if they pay child support (+)
    • parental hostility (-)
    • physical location (-)
    • remarriage (-)
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