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  1. The Navy’s new mine countermeasures capability relies on which of the following components?
    • Avenger class (MCM)
    • Avenger class (MCM)
    • Osprey class (MHC)
    • Craft of Opportunity Program (COOP)
  2. Which of the following sources is best for determining directions under survival conditions?
    The position of the stars and the sun
  3. What is the maximum number of ribbons that may be worn in each row?
  4. Projectiles types that are 3-inches or greater in diameter can be identified by which, if any, of the following methods?
    Color code
  5. Against what Union ship was the first true submarine attack conducted?
    USS Housatonic
  6. Which of the following documents, located in each compartment, lists every damage control fitting in that compartment?
    Compartment Check off list
  7. In what year was the Purple Heart founded by President George Washington?
  8. Which of the following extinguishing agents should be used on a class D fire?
    Sand and High velocity Fog
  9. Who is responsible for maintaining properly trained DCPOs, repair parties, and repair locker personnel?
    The Engineering Officer
  10. How many sections are contained in the personnel advancement requirements (PARs)?
  11. What color of piping is used to identify a system containing steam?
  12. Which of the following illnesses has been named the one priority of the U.S. Public Health Service?
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrone (AIDS)
  13. Prolonged exposure to heat stress conditions causes which of the following medical emergencies?
    Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion
  14. Which of the following types of standards has the Navy created for every enlisted paygrade and rate?
    Naval Standards and Occupational Standards
  15. The hand salute was adopted by the U.S. Navy from which of the following navies?
  16. How many standard firing positions are taught in the Navy?
  17. Who was president when the Navy Department was established
    John Adams
  18. Which, if any of the following procedures is used to prevent the strands of synthetic line from frazzling after a splice has been made?
    They are melted together
  19. Which of the following naval customs is observed in the U.S. Navy by ships under way?
    The National Ensign is flown Day and Night
  20. The National Ensign is flown from what part of a ship when it is anchored or moored?
  21. What is the maximum number of steps involved in field-stripping the .45 caliber pistol?
  22. In what war was the submarine first used by the U.S. Navy?
    Revolutionary War
  23. Most U.S. fleet tugs are operated by which of the following organizations?
    Military Sealift Command
  24. What maximum number of shotgun models are used by the Navy?
  25. The first extensive use of jet aircraft and helicopters occurred during what war?
    The Korean War
  26. Pollution can result when which of the following types of agents is/are introduced into the air, water or soul?
    • Biological
    • Chemical
    • Physical
  27. Which of the following methods should you try first to control bleeding?
    Apply direct pressure
  28. Steel erodes two to four times faster than normal when exposed to which of the following air pollutants.
    Sulfur oxides
  29. One of the most reliable indications of a blocked airway in a conscious person is which of the following symptoms?
    Inability to speak
  30. The United States Government is made up of what total number of branches?
  31. Which of the following salutes is the most common?
  32. The first U.S. Navy nuclear –powered vessel was what type of ship?
  33. The Code of Conduct was adopted to provide guidance for service personnel in which, if any, of the following circumstances?
    When facing the enemy as prisoners of war
  34. How many security classifications does the Navy use to identify classified material?
  35. In what governmental body does each state have the same number of members?
    The Senate
  36. When administering CPR, you should place your hands on what area of the victims chest?
    Above the tip of the sternum
  37. Which of the following terms identifies the form of government used by the United States?
    Democratic Republic

    • A contamination survey team consists of what minimum number of personnel?
    • three
  38. The M258A1 decontamination kit is used to decontaminate which of the following agents?
  39. The Commanding Officer’s authorization for other personnel to sign official documents is indicated by which, if any, of the following words?
    “By direction”
  40. What is the term used to refer to the lower three pay grades (E-1 to E-3)?
  41. What minimum amount of blood loss usually causes a person to go into shock?
    2 pints
  42. The status of an absentee changes from absence without leave to deserter after how many days’ absence?
  43. What is the purpose of artificial ventilation?
    To provide a method of air exchange
  44. Which of the following personnel is authorized to certify a closed space is safe to enter?
    Gas-free engineer
  45. The ship’s chemical alarm sounds when it detects which of the following types of attacks?
  46. When performing maintenance or upkeep on equipment or machinery, you would find applicable safety precautions in which of the following publications?
    • Planned Maintenance System (PMS) cards
    • Technical manuals
    • Operator’s manuals
  47. Which of the following communications systems is normally the primary damage control communications method?
    Sound-powered telephones
  48. During evasion, if you can no longer proceed on your own because of illness, which of the following actions should you take?
    Seek help from friendly nations
  49. What article of the UCMJ deals specifically with drug offenses?
  50. Permission must be obtained from which of the following persons before you alter a material condition?
    Officer of the Deck
  51. The Navy uses a maximum of how many types of life preservers?
  52. What was the first battle of World War II in which two opposing fleets did not see each other during combat?
    The Battle of the Coral Sea
  53. Why must a CO2 cylinder be grounded when CO2 is discharghed?
    To prevent static electricity buildup
  54. Which of the following designations is applied to a Navy harbor tug?
    Service craft
  55. What is the term applied to the general disassembly of a weapon for ordinary care and cleaning?
    Field stripping
  56. Virtually all Navy ships have some type of sanitation device installed. Which of the following types of systems retains sewage on board for discharge ashore or in waters where discharging is allowed?
    Collection, holding, and transfer
  57. Personal relationships between which of the following groups of personnel could be considered fraternization?
    • Officers only
    • Enlisted personnel only
    • Officer and enlisted personnel
  58. Which of the following ships was the world’s first nuclear-powered carrier?
    USS Enterprise
  59. What is the maximum number of hours liberty that may be granted?
  60. What year was the first underwater launch of a polaris guided missile successful?
  61. What color of piping is used to identify the ship’s fire main system?
  62. Before a proposed law (bill) is submitted to the President, it must be passed by which of the congressional bodies?
    • The Senate
    • A committee
    • The house of representatives
  63. Which of the following drill position is the basic military position?
  64. The ship’s fire main system serves which of the following purposes as a secondary function?
    • Supplies water to flushing systems
    • Supplies water to auxiliary machinery
  65. After you escape, when is the best time to arrive at a location between friendly and enemy units?
    At dawn
  66. What is the primary lifting device of an aircraft?
  67. Every enlisted person in the Navy receives an enlisted performance evaluation when transferring. How often are periodic performance evaluations submitted for personnel in paygrades E-3 and below?
  68. Which of the following UCMJ articles explains commanding officer’s nonjudicial punishment?
  69. The Congress is another name for what branch of the United States government?
  70. A burning fuel oil tank would be classified as what class of fire?
  71. Environmental pollution refers to which of the following parts of our environment?
    • Air
    • Land
    • Water
  72. What are the two elements of a ship’s organization?
    Battle organization and administrative organization
  73. Choking agents are used to attack what bodily system
  74. A commissioning or command pennant is half-masted only under which, if any, of the following conditions?
    when the commanding officer or unit commander dies
  75. A minimum of how many coats of primer should be used on a surface cleaned to bare metal?
  76. How should you treat frostbitten hands and fingers
    By placing them in contact with a warm part of your body
  77. Which of the following safety items should you sue when handling cargo
    • Safety shoes
    • Hard hats
    • Gloves
  78. What part(s) of a vest-type life preserver should you use to attach yourself to a life raft?
    The body strap
  79. The word “honors” is defined by which of the following phrases?
    Salutes rendered by a ship, unit, post, station, or an individual to high-ranking individuals, other ships, or nations.
  80. What maximum number of gallons of foam will a 5-gallon can of AFFF concentrate produce?
  81. What device is used to secure shots of anchor chain together?
    Detachable links
  82. Being a good technician alone does not guarantee a successful Navy career. You must also be a good in which of the following roles?
    • Administrator
    • Motivator
    • Teacher
  83. Which of the following is the prime causes of accidental shootings?
    Negligence or carelessness
  84. In which of the following sources in the Uniform Code of Military Justice contained?
    Manual for court-Martial
  85. Before going over the side or aloft to work, you must obtain permission from whom?
    the officer of the deck
  86. What is the minimum amount of drying time required between primer coats?
    8 hours
  87. The primary purpose of damage control central includes which of the following actions?
    • Collecting and comparing reports
    • Determining the condition of the ship
    • Determining the corrective action to be taken
  88. What ship earned the nickname “Old Ironsides” during the War of 1812?
  89. What branch of government performs the function of administering the laws?
  90. The present form of the United States government is based upon the documents produced by which of the following bodies?
    The Constitutional Convention
  91. What is the maximum effective range of discharge hoses when connected to the FP-180?
    100 feet
  92. How long is a standard shot of anchor chain?
    15 fathoms
  93. When going aboard a ship that is flying the national ensign, you must stop on the upper platform on the accommodation ladder or the shipboard end of the brow and take which of the following actions?
    Face the national ensign and salute
  94. What branch of government performs the function of enforcing the laws?
  95. The people of the United States elect which of the following United States officials?
    The President and the Vice President
  96. In areas where different armed services are located, the military police from each service may be combined to form one unit. Which of the following terms identifies this unit?
    Armed Forces Police Detachment
  97. The ability to add amendments to the Constitution makes the Constitution which of the following types of documents?
  98. In what year did the .45-caliber automatic pistol become the official United States sidearm?
  99. Which of the following combat systems came into full use during World War II?
    • Radar
    • Sonar
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