While the world watched 25 words involving Carolyn McKinstry - While the world watched

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  1. Ominous
    - pg.93- Giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening
  2. Humility
    - pg.120- A modest or low view of one's own importance; Humbleness
  3. Distort
    - pg.93- To give a misleading or false account of/ pull, OR to pull or twist out of shape.
  4. Grotesque
    -pg.95- Repulsively ugly or deformed.
  5. Exhumed
    -pg.98- To dig out of the ground.
  6. Disembark
    -pg.114- To leave a ship, aircraft, or vehicle.
  7. Pummeling
    -pg. 133- To strike repeatedly, typically with the fists.
  8. Negotiation
    - pg.129- Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.
  9. Inevitably
    - pg.129- Is certain to happen; unavoidably
  10. Taut
    - pg.133- Stretched or pulled tight; not slack
  11. Advocate
    - a person who supports a cause; a proponent
  12. menial
    - not requiring much skill and lacking prestige.
  13. detrimental
    - tending to cause harm.
  14. devoured
    - to take in with the eyes or ears; to eat up hurriedly
  15. mezzanine
    - a small floor that is between two main levels of a building (usually in the form of a balcony).
  16. somber
    - dark or dull; serious
  17. precocious
    - very talented and smart at your age.
  18. entombed
    - buried or trapped in or under something
  19. confrontation
    - a conflict between two opposing parties.
  20. flustered
    - upset or nervous
  21. stifle
    - to restrain a reaction or to suffocate
  22. Permeated
    - Spread throughout
  23. Seclusion
    - State of being private or away from people.
  24. Solace
    - Comfort during a time of sadness
  25. Clergy
    - The body of people ordained for religious duties.
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