History CH 11 & 12

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  1. Black preacher who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1787?
    Richard Allen
  2. Captain who discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778?
    James Cook
  3. Man most responsible for the Second Great Awakening?
    Charles Finney
  4. American lawyer who toured the United States promoting secular humanism?
    Robert Green Ingersoll
  5. What title is Adoniram Judson remembered for?
    "Father of American Missions"
  6. "Father of Western African Missions"
    Lott Carey
  7. Methodist circuit rider that preached the gospel in Kentucky and Tennessee for 20 years?
    Peter Cartwright
  8. A false religion that denied the deity of Christ, the Trinity, and the many other important Bible doctrines?
  9. False religious philosophy that was developed by Ralph Waldo Emerson?
  10. United all but two of the Hawaiian Islands under his rule?
    Kamehameha I
  11. Started New York City's first Sunday school?
    Catherine Ferguson
  12. Improved the treatment of the mentally ill?
    Dorothea L. Dix
  13. Founded New York City's first settlement house?
    Phoebe Palmer
  14. Accompanied Lott Carey to Liberia?
    Colin Teague
  15. Opened Japan to missionaries?
    Townshend Harris
  16. Who pioneered the camp meeting revival?
    James McGready
  17. Who did the Transcendentalists worship?
  18. The first state to outlaw the use of liquor?
  19. Society organized in 1816  to distribute Bibles to frontier families?
    American Bible Society
  20. What Indian group were the only North American tribe to develop their won written language?
  21. America's greatest contribution to the field of music?
    Negro spiritual
  22. What was the Cherokee Indians relocation to Oklahoma called?
    "Trail of Tears"
  23. American who opened Japan to trade with the West?
    Commodore Matthew Perry
  24. Name for counterfeit church groups which teach salvation by works rather than salvation by grace through faith?
  25. Cherokee Indian who invented a written language for his people?
  26. What book did Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau write?
  27. What did the American Temperance Union work to stop?
    consumption and sale of alcohol
  28. Name of the socialist community funded by Robert Owen?
    New Harmony
  29. The Methodist evangelist that John Wesley sent to America in 1771 to establish churches and Bible studies on the frontier?
    Francis Asbury
  30. What does "Suffrade" mean?
    the right to vote
  31. Only American poet honored in England's Westminster Abbey?
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  32. Schoolroom Poet who wrote "Snowbound"?
    John Greenleaf Whittier
  33. Wrote exciting stories about frontier life in his Leatherstocking Tales?
    James Fenimore Cooper
  34. Term for education that passes accumulated knowledge of the past to the present generation?
    traditional education
  35. Two of the greatest 1800's authors who understood man's fallen nature?
    • 1. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    • 2. Herman Melville
  36. Person responsible for the start of public education?
    Horace Mann
  37. Who is best remembered for his paintings of George Washington?
    Gilbert Start
  38. Movement that was begun in the United States by Josiah Holbrook?
    Lyceum movement
  39. Group of poets who became a favorite in American homes and schools?
    Fireside or (Schoolroom Poets)
  40. Who became the first Baptist missionary to Japan?
    Jonathan Goble
  41. What was William McGuffey best remembered for?
    his reading textbooks
  42. Who is famous for his dictionaries and the Blue-Backed Speller?
    Noah Webster
  43. One of the most popular learning techniques in the town schools?
    spelling bee
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