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  1. ____ is of biological charactersitics determinging male or female
  2. only recognizing family on mothers side
    matrilineal decent
  3. cultural belief that human groups have mystical relationship between human, animals, plants
  4. associated with saying culture more than biology influences who we are
    franz boas
  5. 1 reason why coup occured and 1 major outcome
    • mel zelaya wanted to raise the minimum wage
    • deepened the neoliberal party
    • series of human rights protests
  6. T/F religion is a human universal. explain why?
    • True
    • every culture has different recognitions of super natural powers
  7. What does avunculocal mean
    couple takes up residence with husbands maternal uncle
  8. describe 4 major ways the dobe ju'hoansi have changed over time.
    • use of alcoholism
    • increased violence
    • foraging to farming system
    • use of state infrastructures - school hospitals
  9. countries associted with third world were also not coincidentally ______ by european powers
    colonized and then taken over my american imperialism expansion
  10. explain why on a world wide level rites of passages are more common for boys then girls
    • on a social level boys and girls are seen differently on a worldwide level
    • boys transition from remaining in a womans world into a mans world by working out in the field, hunting, and farming. girls on the other hand remain in the household
  11. inequality between men and women with unequal access to resources, power, prestige is _____
    gender stratification
  12. the idea that there is an interdependence in nations economically and politically
    world systems theory
  13. If a person in the US has a white father and black mother. explain why this person would be considered black
    rule of hypodecent forces to categorize children into the minority group (unequal access to wealth power and prestige)
  14. explain in what context we consider polyandry and polygyny an economic adaptation.
    • if there is a scarcity of women to go around it is ideal to have multiple husbands
    • there is a greater economic power regarding shared labor because the responsibilites are distributed
  15. the term hispanic and latino are categories of _____
  16. if an anthropologists has both medical background and long term commitment to the people he is working with we can consider anthropologists to be both _____ & _____
    • medical anthropologists
    • engaged anthropologists
  17. describe difference between state and government
    • The State is more or less permanent, while government is temporary and changes frequently.
    • The State possesses sovereignty - Its authority is absolute and unlimited. Powers of government are delegated and limited by the state through its constitution
  18. performance of rites and spells intended to harm others is _____ and can involve imitative and contagious principles
  19. describe historical circumstances for prementrual syndrome
    • In WWI & II when the men are away, the women go out to get jobs, when they come back the women go back to the household.
    • Women fought against this in the feminist movement.
    • After these rights were enacted there were other "justifications" of womens inability to be in the workforce due to mentsruation and hormones affecting job production
  20. explain why anthropologists would object to recieving US funding by the US government or CIA. give examples of collaborations with corporations.
    • main ethical concern is to protect informants and to not bring harm to the people being studied.
    • organizations that fund often times have different agendas in regards to what they expect from data collected.
    • we must be cognizant of nationalist agendas and their dictations with the research, overall its an anthropologists responsibility to protect.
  21. describe 1 anthropological explantion for incest taboo theory
    • familiarity deters sexual attraction
    • restrictive rules based on unacceptable sexual relations between certain kinds of relatives
  22. reason for poverty is because of unequal access to water, land, etc. what explanation is this
    inequality explanation (for underdevelopment of third world countries)
  23. idea that household is the sphere of reproduction while production occurs outside is ______
    doctrine of seperate spheres
  24. what are some meanings of Malafia for women beyond its meanings
    • fashion
    • intersts
    • ideas
    • there are a lot of different meanings all signify status, wealth, class, and social interests
  25. ______ is assocaited with free trade ideologies and that each region will produce what it is suited to produce
    comparitive advantage
  26. over populated have too few resources and cant produce enough food for everyone
    scarcity explanation
  27. economic system based on goal of profit making
  28. ethnic race in japan _____
  29. _____ is about decreasing of state sponsored services
  30. ____ is when questions, theory, and methods are developed by anthropologists and population in question
    collaborative anthropology
  31. _____ is the political, social, economic domination of a territory and its people by a foreign power for an extended time
  32. school teachers in honduras are protesting so that schools remain _______
    public not private
  33. What defines a race?
    • *Skin color
    • *Height
    • *Eye color
    • *Genetics
    • *Fertility
    • *Geographical location
  34. dependency theory
    • explains the existence of "underdeveloped" countries and the unequal relationships between "first world" and "third world" countries.
    • argues that poverty and "underdevelopment" are consequence of capitalist colonial intervention
  35. cultural relativism
    • opposing ethnocentrism
    • one culture should not be judged by the standards of another culture.rules of all cultures deserve equal respectNot a moral position, but methodological one
  36. ethnocentrism
    judging other cultures by using one’s own cultural standards
  37. what is holistic approach?
    Anthropologists look at what it means to be human by looking at the 4 field approach examining all aspects of humanity
  38. process by which a child learns his or her language
  39. what is rapport?
    trust among researcher and research participants
  40. what is culture
    • socially transmitted, often symbolic,
    • aspects that shape behavior and society
  41. participant observation
    field method in which the observer shares in community activities
  42. focus shifts from that of locals to the ethnographers

    etic approach
  43. approach investigates how local people think
    ethnographer relies on local people to explain things
    emic approach
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