Cargo Jet Manuals B727-200

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  1. Bleed air and pack trip off reset switch, does?
    reset the engine one and three bleed air and pack systems if temperatures are below trip off point
  2. Pack temperature indicator does?
    Temperature of ACM [air cycle machine] compressor discharge
  3. Pack cooling doors position indicator, does?
    Position of RAM air cooling doors
  4. Pack cooling doors switch?
    Controls operation of the ram air cooling inlet and exhaust doors
  5. Pack trip off light. [Amber]Illuminated?
    – Indicates pack trip off.– Pack valve automatically closes, air mix valve drives full cold.
  6. packs switch ON?
    opens air conditioning pack valve.
  7. auto pack trip armed light [Green]illuminated?
    Auto pack trip system armed.
  8. auto pack trip switch
    cut out?
    • normal –  arms auto pack system if:
    • – airplane on the ground.
    • –  Any flap extension.
    • –  All engines power above approximately 1.5 EPR.
    • cut out–  deactivates system.
  9. Cargo heat outflow switch, NORMAL?
    Normal – cabin air flows around the forward cargo compartment [outside walls] and exhausts overboard.
  10. Gasper fan switch – on
    Additional ventilating air to each passenger or crew outlet.
  11. Zone temperature control valves position indicator?
    • Pointer centred – both valves closed.
    • Pointer left – forward valve open, aft valve closed.
    • Pointer right – forward valve closed, aft valve open.
  12. Passenger cabin zone temperature switch?
    • Regulates temperature of the aft cabin zone of the passenger cabin
    • Deactivated
  13. Duct overheat lights [Amber] illuminated?
    • – Aft cabins zone air supply duct temperature, excessive, valve closes.– When cooled, light extinguishers and control is restored.
    • Deactivated
  14. Air temperature indicator and selector [passenger Cabin]
    • – Supply duct temperature excessive.
    • – Air mix valves drive full cold.
    • Reset required
  15. Duct overheat reset switch?
    Reset will extinguish duct overheat lights and restore normal operation of air mix of valves, after duct has cooled sufficiently.
  16. Air temperature indicator and selector [passenger Cabin]
    Indicates temperature selected
  17. Passenger cabin air distribution selector
    • Controls respective air mix valve through individual temperature regulators.
    • Auto – automatic regulation of cabin temperature as selected.
    • Manual – temperature controlled by manual operation of selector
  18. No equipment cooling light [Amber] illuminated
    – Insufficient cooling airflow over electrical and electronic equipment.
  19. Passenger cabin air distribution selector
    Adjusts passenger cabin air distribution between overhead sidewall ducts.
  20. Altitude horn cutout switch
    Silences intermittent cabin altitude warning horn.
  21. Barometric pressure indicator and selector
    Sets selected barometric pressure reference for use by the controller.
  22. Mode selector
    – Automatic pressurization control failure. Control automatically transfers to standby.
  23. Off schedule decent flight [Amber] illuminated
    – Airplane descending before reaching the planned cruise altitude set in the flight altitude counter.
  24. Flight/ground switch
    • Auto – airplane pressurization is automatically controlled.
    • Check – tests auto filler functional auto system by allowing excessive rates of depressurization to be set into pressure controller.
  25. Flight/ground switch
    • Ground – Depressurizes the airplane when on the ground.
    • Flight – pressurizes the airplane when on the ground
  26. Standby light [Green] illuminated
    System operating in standby mode
  27. Cabin rate selector
    • Decrease – decreases cabin altitude rate of change
    • Increase – increases cabin altitude rate of change.
    • Index – [Pip] cabin pressure rate approximately 300 ft./m
  28. Cabin altimeter/differential pressure indicator
    Inner scale – indicates cabin altitude in feet Outer scale – indicates differential pressure between cabin and ambient in PSI
  29. Manual light [Green] illuminated
    – Indicates pressurization system operating in manual mode.
  30. Outflow valve indicator
    Indicates position of the main cabin outflow valve. Operates in all modes
  31. Outflow valve manual control switch
    Open or closed – controls main cabin outflow valve to desired position.
  32. Pressurization mode selector
    • Manual – airplane pressurization controlled manually by outflow valve switch.
    • Manual AC -outflow valve operates from AC power.
    • Manual DC -outflow valve operates from DC power.
  33. Air conditioning packs:
    Operate completely ____and normally operate in____?
    Independent, parallel
  34. If one pack becomes inoperative remaining pack is capable of maintaining acceptable cabin____and____?
    Temperatures, pressure.
  35. Cabin altitude can be maintained below____feet when the airplane is at____feet with only one system working.
    8000, 40,000
  36. The left pack, normally provided the air from engine number____ and supplies air to the____; the right pack normally uses engine number____and supplies conditioned air to the____.
    One, Cockpit, three, passenger cabin
  37. Two packs operated from a single engine is not recommended due to excessive____?
    Bleed requirement
  38. Pack cooling fan:
    At lower speeds, the ram air flow through the heat exchanger comes inadequate for cooling, so a pack cooling fan is designed into the system. This fan will operate any time the ____are____or the landing gear sensor is in the ____ ____. These electric fans are high electrical ____items.
    • Flaps,
    • extended,
    • ground mode,
    • load
  39. Air cycle machine [ACM] is a___ ____device that changes hot pneumatic system air to cold air for____ ____.
    • Air cooling,
    • air-conditioning
  40. Water separator and anti-ice valve:

    To prevent icing in the water separator a____, ____will signal the____,____ providing warming air automatically.
    • Temperature sensor,
    • anti-ice valve
  41. Air mix valve:
    The air mix valve for each pack combines cold, cool and hot air. according to the settings of the cockpit and passenger cabin temperature controls. This air enters a supply duct and is distributed to the environmental areas through, ____, ____, and____.
    • Overhead,
    • sidewall,
    • individual ports
  42. Gasper air:
    normally, the ____ ____supplies air to the Gasper system. If the____ ____ is off, the Gasper fan draws air from the air conditioning distribution bay.
    • Left pack
    • Left pack
  43. Equipment cooling:
    Air flow is created by____ ____or by a____that operates____
    • Cabin pressurization,
    • blower,
    • automatically
  44. Auto pack trip off:If the system is armed before takeoff, thrust loss on any engine during takeoff and climb with flaps down will, ____ ____ ____ ____, ____ ____both cooling fans, and illuminate the ____ ____lights.
    • Trip off both packs,
    • shut down ,
    • engine fail.
  45. Pressurization system:
    The airplane is pressurized by ____ ____supplied to and distributed by the air-conditioning system. Pressure is maintained by____governing the rate of outflow of cabin air through the main ____ ____. Electronic pressurization system maintains optimum cabin pressure during all phases of flight
    • Bleed Air
    • electronically
    • Outflow valve
  46. Pressure relief valves:
    Pressure relief else limit the differential pressure to a maximum of____psi. A negative pressure relief valve prevents external atmospheric pressure from____internal cabin pressure.
    • 9.6,
    • exceeding
  47. Cargo heat outflow valve:
    The cargo heat outflow valve controls the flow of pressurized air around the forward cargo compartment. Closing the valve will assist in maintaining ____ ____ when the conditioned air supply is low (____ ____ ____ ____).
    • Cabin pressure
    • one pack shut down
  48. Electronic cabin pressure controller and outflow valve:
    Electronic controller receives information from the____-____ system, ____(____) and____ ____ ____ ____and monitors cabin pressure
    • Pitot static,
    • air data, computer [ADC]
    • landing gear safety relay
  49. Automatic mode:In the automatic mode of operation ____ ____, ____ and____are automatically determined by the electronic controller.This mode utilizes selected____ ____and___ ____to calculate the most desirable cabin cruise altitude which will be as near as possible to planned landing altitude without exceeding ____PSI differential pressure. When flying above 40,000 feet, 40,000 should be set in the flight altitude window; auto mode will automatically operate at maximum differential of ____psi
    • Cabin climb,
    • cruise, descent,
    • flight altitude,
    • landing altitude,
    • 8.65,
    • 8.65
  50. Pressurization (automatic mode):
    The cabin rate of climb and descent are proportional to airplane vertical speed up to a maximum of ____sea level feet per minute climb and ____sea level feet per minute descent.
    • 500,
    • 350
  51. Pressurization [automatic mode]:
    When the airplane is on the ground, the flight/ground switch determines the sub mode of operation. In ground. The controller signals outflow valve full____. With slight selected, the controller initiates a minimum pressure mode, modulating the outflow valve to produce a cabin altitude approximately ____ below field elevation
    • Open,
    • 200 feet
  52. Pressurization (automatic mode):If your plane begins a descent before reaching the selected flight altitude, the controller automatically initiates and off schedule descent. The off schedule descent light will illuminate and cabin altitude will program to descend to the takeoff runway elevation minus____ feet.
    200 feet
  53. The auto fail and standby light illuminated indicates the pressurization control has transferred to standby mode due to any of the following:cabin altitude above approximately____feet, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____, or loss of____ ____for more than ____seconds.
    • 14,000,
    • Excessive cabin pressure rate of change
    • AC power
    • 15
  54. Pressurization [standby mode]:
    Standby mode will be activated if the automatic mode fails or when the standby mode is selected. The standby system uses the ____ ____valve actuator to control cabin altitude. In-flight the rate of change of cabin altitude is independently determined by position of the Rate Selector
    DC outflow
  55. Pressurization [manual mode]:
    Manual mode controls outflow valve switch with____or____power.
    A green manual light illuminates with the selector in manual____or____power.
    • AC,
    • DC,
    • AC,
    • DC.
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