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  1. What provides guidance on gifts from outside sources?
    5 C.F.R. 2635
  2. Prohibited sources which employees may not accept gifts from?  (3)
    • 1.  entity/company that seeks to do business with DoD
    • 2.  entity/company that does business with DoD
    • 3.  entity/company that is regulated by DoD
  3. Items that may be accepted as gifts:
    • 1.  modest food and refreshment not offered as part of a meal
    • 2.  items intended solely for presentation that have little intrinsic value like plaques, certificates, trophies
    • 3.  discounts and favorable rates offered to all government or military personnel
    • 4.  items with value less than $20 not to exceed $50 per calendar year
    • 5.  gifts based on outside personal or business relationships
  4. Can employees accept gifts from subordinates or employees that make less than themselves?
  5. Employees may not a solicit donation or a contribution from other personnel for a gift to a superior......except
    voluntary gifts or contributions of nominal value (not to exceed $10), for occasions such as marriage, birth of a child or occasions that terminate superior-subordinate relationship like PCS or retirement
  6. Joint Ethics Regulation (JER)
    DoD 5500.07R
  7. Can employees engage in any personal commercial solicitation or sale to any military personnel junior in rank or grade?
    NO at any time--on or off duty, in or out of uniform.

    exception: one-time sale of personal property like home/boat/car at fair market value
  8. Can employees gamble or bet?
    NO....not while on government-owned or leased property or while in a duty status.   unless authorized
  9. Can employees endorse or appear to endorse, fundraising for any charitable purpose?
    NO.....exception Combined Federal Campaign, Air Force Assistance Fund or other other organizations composed primarily of DoD employees or their dependents when fundraising among their own members for the benefit of welfare funds for their own members or their dependents.
  10. While members of private non-profit and professional organizations, employees must.....
    avoid using, or appearing to use their title, position, or AF organization in a way that might suggest AF or DoD endorsement of the private organization.
  11. AF acquisition personnel must.....
    perform their duties with integrity beyond reproach.
  12. Air Force personnel (conduct) must....
    NOT engage in any conduct that is improper (including conduct which gives the appearance of impropriety), illegal, dishonest, or otherwise brings discredit to the AF.
  13. Air Force Core Values
    • Integrity First
    • Service before self
    • Excellence in all we do
  14. Air Force Motto
    • "Aim High....
    • Fly-Fight-Win"
  15. AF Mission Statement
    "The Mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win....in air, space and cyberspace."
  16. Vice President
    Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
  17. Secretary of the Air Force
    Debra Lee James
  18. Secretary of Defense
    Timothy "Chuck" Hagel
  19. Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff
    General Martin E. Dempsey
  20. Air Force Chief of Staff
    General Mark A. Welsh III
  21. Vice Chief of Staff, Air Force
    General Larry O. Spencer
  22. CMSgt of the Air Force
    CMSgt. James A. Cody
  23. Chief of the AF Reserve/AFRC CC
    Lt. General James "J.J." Jackson
  24. AFRC Vice Commander
    Maj. General Richard S. "Beef" Haddad
  25. AFRC Command Chief
    CMSgt. Cameron B. Kirksey
  26. 4th AF Commander
    Brigadier General John C. Flournoy, Jr.
  27. 4th Command CMSgt
    CMSgt Brian C. Wong
  28. 452 AMW Commander
    Colonel Russell A. Muncy
  29. 452 AMW Vice Commander
    Colonel Stephen M. Browning
  30. 452 AMW Command CMSgt
    CMSgt. Timothy C. White
  31. 452 Operations Group CC
    Colonel Mark E. Sigler
  32. 452 Mission Support Group CC
    Colonel Timothy J. McCoy
  33. 452 Medical Group CC
    Colonel Karl J. Edelman
  34. 452 Maintenance Group CC
    Colonel Max J. Stitzer
  35. First official debut of C-17
    June, 1993 Charleston AFB, SC
  36. 315th Operations Support Squadron training chief
    Lt. Col. Debi Rieflin
  37. Lt. Col Debi Rieflin retirement date
    Oct 27, 2014
  38. First operational female aircraft commander for the C-17
    Lt. Col. Debi Rieflin     also initial C-17 cadre member
  39. Graduated from what school/year commissioned in the AF
    Cornell University in Ithaca, NY   1983
  40. Out of 1,000 pilot slots in 1983, how many were women.
    25 slots for women in 1983
  41. In 1983, of the 37 aircraft in the AF inventory, how many were considered non-combat.
    15 were non combat aircraft; i.e. women were eligible to fly.
  42. Lt. Col. Debi Rieflin's flying career
    31 years
  43. Lt. Col Debi Rieflin's leadership roles
    • maintenance officer
    • command post duty officer
    • C-141 instructor pilot for the 303 Airlift Sq
  44. Lt. Col. Debi Rieflin's airline job?
    Delta Airlines
  45. Lt. Col Debi Rieflin's research
    aircrew fatigue mitigating procedures
  46. Lt. Col. Debi Rieflin's fini flight
    planned all female fini-flight followed by combined flight with her most cherished stickmates.
  47. Air Force Instruction 36-2618 governs what?
    The Enlisted Force Structure,  aka "Little Brown Book"
  48. Air Force Instruction 1-1
    Air Force Standards
  49. Chapter 2 of AFI 1-1
  50. 2.3 of AFI 1-1 covers
    Military Ethics
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