SOC 100 notes

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  1. William James
    • talked about three me's
    • physical 
    • social
    • spiritual
  2. Physical- me and my people. Me and my stuff
    • Self seeking aspect- bodily appetites and love of adornment
    • Self examination aspect- Vanity, Modesty, Pride of Wealth, and Fear of poverty
  3. Social
    • Self seeking aspect- Desire to please and sociability
    • Self examination aspect- Social and family pride
  4. Spiritual
    • Inner quality which is the most alive part of us 
    • Self seeking- intellectual moral and religious aspirations
    • self estimation- sense of purity or sense of guilt
  5. Nick Deen
  6. Motives (Rensis and Jane Likert)
    • Desire for physical security
    • economic motive a desire to achieve and maintain a sense of worth and importance
    • Desire for new experiences
  7. Systems of Management (Rensis and Jane Likert)
    • Expoitative (to take advantage of) authoritative depends on motive
    • Benevolent authoritative depends on second
    • Consultative- employees are consulted
    • Participative depends 2 and 3 which are linked
  8. Plato stated that nature has physiological and psychological aspects
    • Physiological- Head heart and stomach
    • Psychological- Intellect, volition, will and appetite
    • these two need to be integrated into spiritual character
    • Spiritual Character- Wisdom courage and temperance
  9. Idealogies
    Set of beliefs or ideas
  10. Three functions of Idealogies
    • Frames the issue in moral terms
    • Defines the group interests
    • Provides people with a collective sense of what the goals are or what they should be. Guides our decisions
  11. Three variables of the ideologies (discussed in lecture)
    • relationship or property 
    • goals
    • Power of the Economy
  12. Capitalism
    When individuals act in their own self interest, everybody benefits
  13. goal of capitalism
    • encourages the accumulation of private property
    • includes free competition in which consumer is in charge
  14. Globalism
    The process through which people's lives across the world become economically politically environmentally culturally interconnected
  15. 5 claims of gobalists
    • its about the liberalization of markets and the integration of markets
    • its inevitable and irreversible
    • nobody is in charge
    • benefits everyone
    • globalization furthers the spread of democracy in the world. Free markets are the qui alert of democracy
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