Proteins Biopharmaceuticals

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  1. level of structure of protein that is a sequence of a chain of amino acids
    primary protein structure
  2. a level of structure of protein that occurs when the sequence of amino acids are linked by hydrogen bonds
    secondary protein structure
  3. a level of structure of protein that occurs when certain attractions are preserved between alpha helices and pleated sheets
    tertiary protein structure
  4. a level of structure of proteins that occurs when there are more than one amino acid chains attached together
    quaternary protein structure
  5. what are the 3 sources of protein biopharmaceuticals?
    • microorganisms (ecoli, yeast, fungal)
    • animal cell culture systems
    • transgenic animals/plants
  6. what are the 3 parts of upstream processing for biopharmaceutical production?
    • 1. get cells from cell bank
    • 2. propagation of working bank cells, generating starter cultures
    • 3. production scale cell culture
  7. what are the 6 parts of downstream processing for biopharmaceutical production?
    • 1. harvest cells to recover crude product
    • 2. concentration
    • 3. main purification
    • 4. final product formulation
    • 5. product filling, freezing, drying, and sealing
    • 6. labeling and packaging
  8. region of the antigen recognized by an antibody
  9. antibodies secreted from a single B cell, have identical paratopes
    monoclonal antibodies
  10. any substance capable of eliciting an adaptive immune response
  11. immunoglobulin secreted by B cells
  12. what is the mechanism of action of antibody?
    • 1. blocikg /neutralizing action of molecular targets
    • 2. antibody-dependent celuular cytotoxicity (mark target cells or immune cell to attack)
    • 3. signal molecules
    • 4. delivery agents
  13. what is a hybridomas technology?
    inject mice with antigen and then fuse immune cells with tumor cells to produce hybridomas. The hybridomas are mass produced and then monoclonal antibodies are isolated.

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Proteins Biopharmaceuticals
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development processes, upstream and downstream processing, product analysis
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