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  1. What was the outcome of the election of 1824?
    Although Andrew Jackison won the popular vote, John .  Adams was voted into the presidency by the House of Reps b/c no candidate received a majority of the electoral votes
  2. What is inflation?
    increase in prices and decrease in the value of money
  3. What was Jackson's reaction to the Election of 1824?
    He felt the election had been stolen from him and the will of the people had been ignored
  4. What is secession?
    Breaking away from the country
  5. What were 3 reasons why there was conflict b/w Whites and Natives in the SE during the early 1800s?
    • *Whites felt Natives were uncivilized and did not want to live near them
    • *gold was discovered on Native lands
    • *Cherokee formed their own nation w/in the borders of the US
  6. What was the Supreme Court decision in the case involving the Cherokee vs. the state of Georgia?  How did Jackson react to the decision?
    • *Supreme Court said that the state of GA could not make laws governing the Natives, only the national government can do that
    • *Jackson ignored the SC decision and challenged the Judge Marshall to enforce the decision
  7. What was the Indian Removal Act and how did Jackson feel about it?
    • *Relocated Natives onto Indian Territory
    • *Jackson agreed w/it b/c he felt it was just and liberal and would allow the Indians to keep their culture
  8. What were the sources of regional conflicts w/in the US during the Jackson era?
    • *tariffs
    • *internal improvements
    • *Land in the West
  9. Why did Jackson oppose/destroy the national bank?
    he felt it was making the rich richer and the poor poorer
  10. What led to the rise of the Whig party and their consequent win in the election of 1840?
    They gained support b/c of the previous administration's reaction to the Panic of 1837 and the depression that followed
  11. What was the Panic of 1837?
    Nationwide fear that the Nation's economy was growing worse
  12. What is the Jacksonian democracy?
    The notion of spreading political power to the people to ensure a majority rule and to protect the interests of the common man
  13. What was the harsh journey that forced the Cherokee nation to relocate in the Indian Territory?
    Trail of Tears
  14. What was the result of the election of 1840?
    William Henry Harrison, who was the member of the Whig party, won the election of 1840, but died a month after taking office
  15. This determined that a state had the right to reject federal laws that were considered to be unconstitutional?
    Doctrine of Nullification
  16. How are the elections of 1824 and 1828 connected?
    • *Adams and Jackson were running in both elections (among other candidates) 
    • *Adams won the first
    • *Jackson won the second partially b/c he appealed to the common man
  17. This is the southern name given to the significant raise of taxes on raw materials and manufactured goods
    Tariff of Abonimations
  18. Why did SC threaten to secede?  Did it?
    • *B/c the federal government imposed tariffs and the state believe it to be unfair.
    • *NO
  19. Why was Van Buren blamed for the depression and what was the consequent result?
    • *He felt government shouldn't interfere w/the problems regarding the depression
    • *Van Buren was blamed for the depression, which probably cost him the election of 1840
  20. What were the various choices of Native Americans during the relocation era?
    • Move west
    • Stay and adopt white ways
    • Or fight back
  21. What were the effects of Jackson's war on the bank?
    • *the National Bank was destroyed and money was easier to get
    • *Then the country spiraled into a widespread fear of the economy and ultimately went into a depression
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