Chapter 2 Section 3

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  1. In 1497 King Henry V11 of England authorized John Cabot to "sayle" and discover what?
    all parts, countrys, and seas of the east, west, and north to discover new lands unknown to Christians.
  2. What did english merchants hope that Cabot would discover?
    a route to asia
  3. Where did Cabot explore?
    the shores of present day Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador
  4. in the 1570's, who did queen elizabeth secretly finance to search for a northwest passage to Asia?
    martin Frobisher
  5. who was Francis drake?
    daring English sea captain who cruised the shores of spanish america
  6. In 1588, seeking revenge for attacks on Spanish ships and colonies, what did king Phillip 2 of spain do?
    dispatagged a huge fleet of ships, known as the Spanish armada to sail against the English fleet
  7. what did the result of Phillips decision clear the way for?
    english colonization in America
  8. what was the theory behind what became known as mercantilism?
    A states power depended on its wealth
  9. What did Robert de la salle accomplish?
    he followed the Mississippi to its delta and claimed it for France. Named it Louisiana.
  10. how far did the string of colonies established by the French extend?
    gulf of mexico to Canada
  11. why did the French get along better with the native americans than the Spanish?
    They lived among them
  12. Who were reffered to as the black robes?
    french missionaries
  13. List three reasons why the French government had difficulty in recruiting colonists for its north american settlements.
    the colonies weren't as valuable as French possessions in the West Indies, French rulers were more interested in extending their rule over european territory
  14. The Dutch soon set up a trading colony on Manhattan island. What did they call it?
    New Amsterdam
  15. why did the Dutch colony fall into the growing influence of England in 1664?
    Poor leadership and weak government
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