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  1. The hypogastric n. of the ________ division of the ANS arises from the _________.
    sympathetic; caudal mesenteric ganglion
  2. The pelvic nn. are part of the __________ division of the ANS that arise from the ___________.
    parasympathetic; pelvic plexus
  3. The testicular nerve/plexus is part of the _______ division of the ANS, and it runs from the ________ and ____________, travels along ___________ to innervate...
    sympathetic; sympathetic ganglia; lumbar splanchnic n.; testis and epididymis
  4. hat specifically does the testicular nerve/plexus innervate?
    blood vessels and smooth muscle of the testis (NOT the seminal epithelium and interstitial)
  5. The pudendal n. comes from the _________ and gives rise to... (3)
    spinal nerves S1-3; caudal rectal n., perineal n., dorsal n. of the penis/clitoris
  6. What does the caudal rectal n. (from pudendal n.) innervate?
    external anal sphincter
  7. What does the perineal n. (from pudendal n.) innervate?
    skin of anus and perineum, scrotum and labia, muscles of penis, vestibule, and vulva
  8. What does the dorsal n. of the penis/clitoris (from pudendal n.) innervate?
    sensory n. to the penis/ clitoris, mediates impulses that result in orgasm
  9. The genitofemoral n. comes from the _________.
    spinal nn.
  10. The genitofemoral n. passes through the ________ to innervate...
    inguinal canal; skin of prepuce, cremaster muscle, inguinal mammae
  11. The superficial inguinal lymph nodes are located adjacent to the ________ or dorsolateral to the ________.
    superficial inguinal ring (female); penis (male)
  12. The medial iliac lymph node is located between the _________ and _________; it is usually _______, but may be _______.
    deep circumflex iliac a.; external iliac a.; single; double
  13. The superficial inguinal ln. drain... (6)
    scrotum, caudal mammae, prepuce, penis, vulva, clitoris
  14. The medial iliac ln. drains... (3)
    skin of dorsal abdominal wall caudal to last rib, skin of tail, craniolateral aspect of thigh and knee
  15. The lumbar aortic lymph nodes lie along the ________ and ________; they drain...
    aorta; caudal vena cava; from diaphragm to deep circumflex iliac ln.
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