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  1. Aggregates of small lymph nodes making up a large group in pigs, horses, and ruminants.
  2. The mandibular lymphocenter is ___________ to the angel of the mandible.
  3. The parotid lymphocenter is ________ to the parotid salivary gland.
  4. The retropharyngeal lymphocenter is ____________ to the pharynx.
  5. The deep cervical lymphocenter is on the ____________ of the trachea.
    proximal aspect
  6. What are the two lymphocenters of the neck?
    deep and superficial cervical lymphocenters
  7. The dog has a __________________ vein that is easily accessible for venipuncture; the pig's is harder to access because... (3)
    external jugular; cutaneous colli and platysma mm. are well developed, there is a large parotid salivary gland, and the jugular furrow anatomy makes it difficult
  8. 4 sites for venipuncture in the pig.
    cranial vena cava, lateral auricular vein, orbital venous sinus, external jugular via the obscured jugular groove
  9. A cross-section at the mid snout shows the normal appearance of a _____________ by way of the ventral conchae.
  10. The nasal turbinates of a pig are the same/ different from a dog?
    the same (dorsal, middle, ventral, ethmoid)
  11. Chronic inflammation of the nose causing atrophy of the nasal mucosa/ conchae.
    atrophic rhinitis
  12. Lung lobes of the pig.
    (same as the dog) right cranial lobe, right middle lobe, right caudal lobe, right accessory lobe, divided left cranial lobe with cranial and caudal parts, left caudal lobe
  13. Bronchus that leaves the trachea proximal to the bifurcation that enters the right cranial lobe of the lung.
    tracheal bronchus
  14. Blind-ended pouch found off the fundus in the pig stomach.
    gastric diverticulum
  15. On connected opening b/w the ileum, cecum, and ascending colon in pigs only.
    ileocecocolic orifice
  16. Pigs have a modified ________ colon; the two part are...
    ascending; centripetal gyri, centrifugal gyri
  17. Part of the pig ascending colon that has bands and sacs present.
    Centripetal gyri
  18. Part of the pig ascending colon that does not have bands and sacs present.
    Centrifugal gyri
  19. The testis of the pig are in a _________ position, whereas they are _________ in the dog.
    subanal; pendular
  20. A highly convoluted duct behind the testis, along which sperm passes to the ductus deferens.
  21. The tail of the epididymis is located in the ___________ position.
  22. There is no _________ present in the ductus deferens of a pig.
  23. What are the 3 glands of the reproductive system in the pig?
    vesicular glands, prostate gland, bulbourethral gland
  24. Th prostate gland of the pig is _________ than in the dog.
  25. The penis of the pig is __________, and it has a ________ that relaxes upon erection.
    fibroelastic; sigmoid flexure
  26. The glans of the pig penis has a ___________ appearance.
  27. Blind sac located dorsally to the glans in the prepuce cell debris and secretions accumulate here to emanate a characteristic odor.
    preputial diverticulum
  28. The ovary of the pig is highly __________ with large ________; it is secured by the _______.
    lobulated; follicles; mesovarium
  29. Part of the lining of the abdominal cavity that gives rise to the broad ligament that stretches from the ovary to the level of the uterine tube.
  30. The horns of the uterus join the body of the uterus to make a ________.
  31. The mesentery of the uterus that is adjacent to the mesosalpinx; it makes up the broad ligament of the uterus, excluding the mesovarium and mesosalpinx.
  32. Distal extend proximal to the vestibule is the external urtethral orifice and marks the division b/w the two structures.
  33. The vulva, glans of the clitoris in the ventral commissure, and the suburethral diverticulum make up the __________ in the female pig.
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