A Test 2_RADT_A161 Fundamentals

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  1. A radiographic technique calls for 600 mA and 50 milliseconds.  What is the mAs?
    30 mAs
  2. A radiographic technique calls for 400 mA, 1/20 seconds.  What is the mAs?
    20 mAs
  3. mA is a unit of electric current, and mAs is a unit of 
  4. The heel effect is caused by the angle of the anode.


  5. The intensity of the x-ray beam varies along the cathode-anode axis, with the maximum intensity being on the anode side, and the minimum intensity on the cathode side.


  6.  located in an orbit around the nucleus of an atom?
  7. Which of the following has a negative (-) charge?
  8. Which of the following are considered to be fundamental particles of atoms?

    1. neutrons
    2. photons
    3. protons
    1 and 3
  9. When a neutral atom gains or loses an electron, the atom is said to be
  10. Mechanical energy can be classified as either kinetic or 
    potential energy
  11. X-rays consist of ______ Energy
    electromagnetic energy 
  12. X-rays with greater energy have a shorter ________ and are more penetrating
  13. Which of the following are accurate statements regarding the characteristics of x-rays?

    1. they are highly penetrating and invisible 
    2. they cause certain crystals to fluoresce
    3. they travel in straight lines at the speed of light
    1, 2 and 3
  14. The smallest possible unit of electromagnetic energy is the
  15. The common unit of measure for the potential difference across the x-ray tube is the 
  16. The negative side of an x-ray tube is commonly called the 
  17. The x-ray tube envelope is composed of a heat resistant material called 
    Pyrex glass
  18. The filaments in most modern x-ray tubes are surrounded by a focusing cup which serves to
  19. A modern dual focus x-ray tube contains

    1. one anode
    2. two anodes
    3. one filament
    4. two filaments

  20. In a modern diagnostic x-ray tube, the majority of the energy of the electron stream is converted into _________ upon striking the anode.
  21. The amount of space charge created at the cathode is primarily controlled by the
    tube current

  22. The speed of the electron stream across the x-ray tube is primary controlled by the
  23. The heating of the filament in a x-ray tube results in the liberation of electrons by a process termed
    thermionic emission

  24. In a modern x-ray tube, the positively-charged electrode that serves as the target for the electron stream is the
  25. Which of the following will effect focal spot size?

    1. anode angle 
    2. filament size
    3. rotational speed
    4. prep time
    1 and 2
  26. n a modern rotating anode, the rotator motion is accomplished by the use of a/an
    induction motor

  27. The principle method by which the space charge can increase in a modern tube is by employing a higher
    mA setting
  28. The primary purpose of the glass envelope of an x-ray tube is to
    provide a vacuum
  29. The protective housing of an x-ray tube is designed to

     reduce hazard of leakage radiation

     reduce hazard of scatter radiation
  30. The heel effect occurs because of
    a focusing cup
    x-ray absorption in the anode
    x-ray absorption in the anode
  31. Small target angles result in which of the following?
    small focal spot size
  32. Tungsten is the choice of material for x-ray anodes because of its
    high atomic number
  33. The effective focal spot is
    smaller than the actual focal spot
  34. Which of the following is a component of an electromagnetic induction motor?
  35. Necessary properties of x-ray target material include which of the following?
    high melting point
  36. Based on this illustration of the bremsstrahlung emission spectrum , what was the kVp selected?
  37. How does the radiographer use the operating console to control the quantity of x-ray photons produced?
    By setting an mA station
  38. Which are causes of x-ray tube failure?
    (1) Excessive leakage radiation
    (2) Excessive and prolonged anode heating
    (3) A high exposure on a cold anode
    • 2 and 3 only
  39. The most accurate and most commonly used exposure timer is the

    Transformer timer 
    Electronic timer

    Electronic timer
  40. What is the energy of the majority of photons in this illustration
    About 30
  41. Which may happen to projectile electrons when they encounter target atoms?
    (1) Create heat energy
    (2) Produce bremsstrahlung x-rays
    (3) Produce gamma rays
    1 and 2 only
  42. Which type of x-rays is produced with the filling of each shell vacancy in the tungsten atom?

  43.  Most of the heat generated at the target is due to  .

    inner-shell excitation 
    outer shell excitation
    outer shell excitation
  44. Bremsstrahlung x-rays are produced by ________ at the target. 
  45. Characteristic x-rays are produced by _______.
    released binding energy
  46. The _____ is the source of radiation in the x-ray tube.

    focal spot
    focal spot
  47. The _____ is the source of radiation in the x-ray tube.

    focal spot
    focal spot
  48. The mAs is usually set to give the _______ mA at the _____ time for protection of the patient. 

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