Mand Training

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  1. Define the following types of language:
    • Mand - (request) the child wants a banana and says "Banana"
    • Verbal Imitation - (repeats) Child sees banana in a book and says "Banana"

    Intraverbals - (answering questions) "What do Monkeys eat? Child Says "Banana"

    Tacts - (label)
  2. What are the first steps in manding? Describe?
    Initiation - child reaches for something with no prompt
  3. What are some communication temptations you could use (list 3)
    - High value reinforcers

    -The reinforcer is with in reach

    - Point to, comment on, or use the items to draw attention to them

    - Give the child part of the item then for them to initiate (give them a a puzzle but keep two pieces)
  4. What is discrimination training?
    Teaching the child to discriminate one picture from another.
  5. If a child is struggling with discrimination what are some alternative strategies you could use (list 3)?
    - Place cards apart, place corresponding item directly behind each card

    - Use a blank card rather then and nonpreferred item

    - Making cards larger
  6. When introducing verbal communication what are the steps (list 4 steps).
    • - Any vocal sound
    • - Specific sound
    • - Word approximation
    • - Word
  7. When is phrase speech generally introduced?
    When the child is spontaneously saying phrases

    When the child has large number of items he can successfully request (20+ words)
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