Biochem exam 3 study

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  1. What level of structure refers to the three-dimensional arrangement of all the atoms in one polypeptide chain?
    Tertiary (multiple chains would be quad)
  2. Which of the following are reducing sugars?
    Basically sucrose is the only non reducing sugar, it has a 5 membered ring. All other are reducing
  3. The titration curve for D would show...
    3 plateaus, the acidic ones (D and E) and the basic lysine (K), would show 3, assume 2 for others?
  4. Archaebacteria have modified their lipids to accommodate their environment through
    ether linkages
  5. Some proteins are anchored to the membrane by being covalently attached to a ------ group by a thioester linkage to a specific cysteine residue.
  6. A buffer solution at pH 5.0 has a ratio of [HA]/[A-]=100. What is the pKa of the acid.
  7. Refer to the following information, what is the predominant form of the amino acid abbreviated Y at pH1?
    positive, any amino acid would be. If neutral know that (E and D) are acidic, and (K,H, and N) are basic
  8. What groups are present in M at a pH of 11?
    COO- nad NH2, think its more basic so less hydrogens
  9. The peptide bond
    • -is usually trans (more stable)
    • -does not have free rotation
    • -the six atoms are planar
  10. A-helices are different from B-sheets because
    the hydrogen bones are parallel to axis in a helices and the hydrogen bonds are perpendicular in B sheets
  11. When the first oxygen binds to FE in heme of Hb, the Fe is drawn into the plane of the the porphyrin ring, True or false?
  12. Which of the followings about Fe in heme is correct?
    the distal histidine helps to minimize oxidation
  13. The second law of thermodynamics states
    the total entropy of a system and its surroundings always increases
  14. The oligonucleotide pAGGTCCATTGAA is best described as
    A DNA oligonucleotide with a 5' phosphate
  15. The fetal hemglobin has higher affinity to O2 than maternal because
    fetus hemoglobin has lower affinity to BPG
  16. Anaerobic coniditons due to exercise or due to tumor growth activate the transcription factor HIF-1 which
    activates enolase
  17. hexokinase is
    • allosteric
    • has multiple subunits
    • performs "induced fit" when binding to glu
  18. increases in F2,6BP lead to activation of PFK-1 is a type of
    feedforward activation
  19. The following reaction (4h 4 e thing) usually demonstates
    • -reductive synthesis of fatty acid
    • -electrons usually are provided by NADPH
  20. Glut 1...
    hasĀ  a low Km and performs basal glucose transportation
  21. the rossman fold is
    an NAD+ binding motif and is found in LDH and ADH
  22. The activity of the enzyme phosphofrutokinase is
    stimulated by fructose 2,6-bisphophate
  23. Inhibition of PFK would also likely cause what to happen in the cell?
    inhibition of hexokinase
  24. making some bigger (even when using water) is a type of...
    ligation reaction
  25. the conversion of pyruvate to lactate
    • -is the process that results in sore muscles after exercise
    • -allows for recycling of NAD+
  26. cAMP activates PKA by...
    attaching to the regulator subunit of PKA
  27. Which of the following is an example of a compound that has lower phosphate transfer potential compared to ATP
    • -glucose-6phosphate
    • -fructose-6phosphate
    • -fructose-1,6bisphophate
  28. NADH is produced at which step of glycolysis?
    glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase catalyzed reaction
  29. The last ATP production in glycolysis is catalyzed by
  30. Which of the following has the lowest transfer free energy (tranfer from inner membane to extracellular environments?
  31. The amino acid histidine plays an important roll physiologicall because
    it serves as a proton shuttle
  32. If the pattern of H-bonding is always the C=O binds to the N-H of residue i+4 within the same peptide chain, the structure is called..
    a helix
  33. cellulose vs glycogen?
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