SOC101 Ch 16

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  1. Civil Disobedience
    nonviolent action that seeks to change a policy or law by refusing to comply with it.
  2. Collective Behavior
    voluntary, often spontaneous activity that is engaged in by a large number of people and typically violates dominant-group norms and values
  3. Crowd
    a relatively large number of people who are in one another’s immediate vicinity.
  4. Environmental Racism
    the belief that a disproportionate number of hazardous facilities (including industries such as waste disposal/treatment and chemical plants) are placed in low-income areas populated primarily by people of color.
  5. Gossip
    rumors about the personal lives of individuals.
  6. Mass
    a number of people who share an interest in a specific idea or issue but who are not in one another’s immediate vicinity.
  7. Mass Behavior
    collective behavior that takes place when people (who often are geographically separated from one another) respond to the same event in much the same way.
  8. Mob
    a highly emotional crowd whose members engage in, or are ready to engage in, violence against a specific target—a person, a category of people, or physical property.
  9. Panic
    a form of crowd behavior that occurs when a large number of people react to a real or perceived threat with strong emotions and self-destructive behavior.
  10. Propoganda
    information provided by individuals or groups that have a vested interest in furthering their own cause or damaging an opposing one.
  11. Public Opinion
    the attitudes and beliefs communicated by ordinary citizens to decision makers.
  12. Riot
    violent crowd behavior that is fueled by deep-seated emotions but is not directed at one specific target.
  13. Rumor
    an unsubstantiated report on an issue or subject.
  14. Social Change
    the alteration, modification, or transformation of public policy, culture, or social institutions over time.
  15. Social Movement
    an organized group that acts consciously to promote or resist change through collective action.
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