History CH 13

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  1. Who claimed the Bible and a rifle as his "two best friends" while trailblazing the South Pass?
    Jedediah Smith
  2. Name the American who became a chief of the Crow nation and discovered a wagon route into California?
    James Beckwourth
  3. Who became known as the "Father of the Santa Fe Trail"?
    William Becknell
  4. Why did mountain men blaze or cut Indian trails?
    so others could follow
  5. What country owned what we now call California in 1826?
  6. What did Herman Melville write?
    Moby Dick
  7. What did Edgar Allan Poe write?
    "The Tell-Tale Heart"
  8. What did Oliver Wendell Holmes write?
    "Old Ironsides"
  9. What did John Greenleaf Whittier write?
  10. What did Henry Wadsworth Longfellow write?
    The Song of Haiawatha
  11. What did Nathaniel Hawthorne write?
    The Scarlet Letter
  12. What did Washington Irving write?
    "Rib Van Wrinkle"
  13. What did James Fenimore Cooper write?
    The Last of the Mohicans
  14. Who wrote over 200 songs, including "Swanee River," "My Old Kentucky Home," and "Oh! Susanna"?
    Stephen Foster
  15. What was the philosophy of education in the 1800's?
    Traditional education = passes the accumulated knowledge of the past to the present generation
  16. What role did parents play in the 1800's education?
    parents controlled curriculum, instruction and operation of local school
  17. Who led the largest wagon train ever to go west?
    Marcus Whitman
  18. Who discovered gold at John Sutter's mill?
    James Marshall
  19. Who became known as "the Street Preacher" for his ministry in San Francisco?
    William Taylor
  20. Who led the first expedition of white men to cross the Sierras into California during winter?
    John C. Fremont
  21. Name of revolt staged by American settlers?
    Bear Flag Revolt
  22. Name of covered wagons which families used to move west to Oregon?
    prairie schooners
  23. Why did 4 Indian chiefs of Flathead and Nez Perce tribes travel to St. Louis in 1832?
    search for "Book from Heaven" (Bible)
  24. First 2 white women to journey west of the Rockies?
    • 1. Narcissa Whiteman
    • 2. Eliza Spaulding
  25. Supervisor of Fort Vancouver who became known as the "Father of Oregon"?
    John McLoughlin
  26. What city and state did Oregon trains usually start when going West?
    Independence, Missouri
  27. Name 3 types of colonial government?
    • 1. proprietary
    • 2. royal
    • 3. self-governing
  28. Who is known as "the Father of Texas"?
    Stephen Austin
  29. Name of land purchase that doubled the size of America?
    Louisiana Purchase
  30. the largest wagon train ever to go west?
    Great Migration
  31. How did Independence Rock receive its name?
    wagons usually reached the rock in July
  32. Who is known as the "Pathfinder of the Seas" because of his work with oceanography?
    Matthew Maury
  33. Commanding officer of the Americans at the Alamo?
    Colonel William Travis
  34. 18-minute battle that won Texan independence from Mexico?
    Battle of San Jacinto
  35. First President of the Republic of Texas?
    Sam Houston
  36. Battle that involved the first major amphibious landing of American forces?
  37. Declared himself dictator of Mexico?
    Santa Anna
  38. Named "Old Rough and Ready"?
    Zachary Taylor
  39. What state is called the "Lone Star Republic"?
  40. The battle that Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett died in?
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