Soc 5 Survey

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  1. What to consider when using the SURVEY method?
    • population sampling type
    • what will I ask about how does this answer the research question?
    • close or open-ended questions?
    • word choice
  2. PROS and CONS
    Survey method
    • PROS:reaches many people, is cheap, generalizable, standardized (reliable method of inquiry), can analyze data (similarities, differences, trends, make predictions)
    • CONS: inflexibility(responses may be confused by questions - unable to clarify), validity (questions are standardized, difficult to ask beyond general questions which may only be understood by a broad range of participants), respondent dishonest, lack of responses can occur
  3. Demographic questions
    • ethnicity
    • socioeconomic status
    • race
    • age
  4. Structured (close-ended) best for
    • (1) have a through understanding of the responses so you can appropriately develop the answer choices,
    • (2) not trying to capture new ideas or thoughts
  5. For degrees of emotion or opinion use...
    • ranking or rating system
    • ie unsatisfied - extremely satisfied
  6. Non-structured (open-ended)
    • best for exploring new ideas
    • can be used with close-ended questions
    • ie Other:___________
  7. Surveys need... (8)
    lists must cover all possible responses

    • each answer is unique (don't overlap)
    • all questions are relevant to reduce distraction
    • consistency to not confuse respondent (time from minutes to hours not ok)
    • provide instructions
    • questions are short and concise
    • only one question at a time
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