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  1. Who was in the Populist Party and what speech did he give?
    William Jennings Bryan gave the “Cross of Gold” speech and wanted coinage of silver
  2. Social Gospel
    Protestant Christian intellectual movement in the early 20th century
  3. Muckraker
    Investigative journalist who spotlighted corruption in society
  4. Jacob Riis
    muckraker-rich people took the action to improve living conditions of the poor/lower class
  5. Upton Sinclair
    muckraker-USDA & Meat Inspection Act
  6. Ida Tarbell
    attacked the Standard Oil Co. (Rockefeller); giving the influence to have a hands off type of gov.
  7. The first large-scale effort by US gov to regulate state businesses
    Interstate Commerce Act (1887)
  8. Federal law that was established in 1883 that provided selection of government employees by competitive exams, rather than political ties
    Pendleton Act
  9. Square Deal
    break up trust, protect environment & public health, improve conditions for factory workers
  10. Bull Moose Party
    Progressive political party
  11. 3rd Parties
    hown in 1912 to have an effect on elections
  12. Taft-Dollar Diplomacy
    Policy of building good economic relations with countries in Latin America
  13. System in which support is given only to countries whose moral beliefs are similar to that of the nation; Used by Wilson to support countries with democratic governments and to increase the number of democratic nations
    Wilson- Moral Diplomacy
  14. Who created Moral Diplomacy
    Woodrow Wilson
  15. Trust Buster
    People who broke up big businesses taking over the economy through anti-trust regulations. Teddy Roosevelt was nicknamed this
  16. 16th Amendment
    created a federal income tax; this gave the federal government the power to directly tax citizens.
  17. 17th Amendment
    direct election of US senators
  18. 18th Amendment
    banned the sale of alcohol- prohibition
  19. 19th Amendment
    women’s suffrage
  20. Federal Reserve
    • central banking system of the United States today
    • law reformed the banking industry by establishing 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks to serve as “banks for the banks.”
    • law also gave the federal government the power to set interest rates and to control the amount of money in circulation.
  21. Clayton Antitrust Act
    sought to prevent anticompetitive practices in their incipiency.
  22. The attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly
  23. Susan B. Anthony
    was influential in women’s suffrage movement; she led marches, gave speeches, and helped create National Women’s suffrage movement
  24. NAWSA
    focused on lobbying individual states to allow women to vote
  25. where the fight for women’s voting rights began (in 1848)
    Seneca Falls
  26. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    organized women’s right and women’s suffrage movements; supporter of the Temperance Movement and fought for rights of birth control use
  27. suffrage
    the right to vote
  28. Fire safety laws in factories and workplaces were starting to be enforced after multiple fire incidents in the workplace and unsafe practices
    Triangle shirtwaist factory
  29. Socialist Party candidate in the Election of 1912
    Eugene V Debs
  30. Yellow Journalism
    Style of reporting, in which writers often exaggerated or lied to attract readers.
  31. Hearst and Pulitzer
    The stories led to calls to go to war to Spain and protect the rights of the Cubans.
  32. Used US Marines to remove Queen Liliuokalani from power, and then declared Hawaii a republic and asked to be annexed from US. basically exploiting the agricultural industry in Hawaii.
    Sanford Dole
  33. Imperialism
    Typically the exploitation of crops and resources in developing countries, by a developed country.
  34. A note written by Señor Don Enrique Dupuy de Lôme, the Spanish Ambassador to the United States. Insulted Americans, which, in turn, caused America’s aggressive foreign policy.
    Delome Letter
  35. An addition to the Monroe Doctrine. Claimed that the U.S. had the authority to intervene in Latin American affairs in order to keep the Euros out. “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”
    TR-Roosevelt Corollary
  36. Panama Canal
    an example of Roosevelt’s “big stick” policy. The Canal made it much more efficient to trade from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. Also it was crucial for the U.S to become a world power because the navy could be moved much faster to wherever they may be needed.
  37. were a group of men who became war heros during the Spanish-American war. They were led by Teddy Roosevelt on the Charge of San Juan Hill. John J. Pershing was a hero and would be a key leader in WWI.
  38. Open Door Policy
    significant because it opened the ports of China so America and other regions outside of “sphere of influence” could trade with them
  39. Spheres of Influence
    areas where a foreign nation controls the economic development of a nation
  40. stipulated the seven conditions for the withdrawal of the US troops in Cuba. It restricted Cuba’s foreign policy, established Cuba’s boundaries, US could purchase land from Cuba for coaling and have a naval station.
    Platt Amendment
  41. Effect of Spanish-American War
    Cuba could not make treaties with other nations that would reduce its independence and the US could intervene with foreign affairs to maintain Cuba’s independence. Alfred Thayer Mahan-His ideas on the importance of sea power convinced U.S. leaders of the need to build a powerful navy
  42. Alfred Thayer Mahan
    His ideas on the importance of sea power convinced U.S. leaders of the need to build a powerful navy
  43. What happen to USS Maine
    February 15, 1898, the USS Maine sank in Havana Harbor after an explosion, resulting in the deaths of 266 U.S. sailors. Blamed on Spain. Americans wanted revenge. US then declared war.
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