Level H: Unit 7 Vocab Syn/Ant

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  1. SYN: abeyance
    syn. suspension
  2. SYN: ambivalent
    syn. ambiguous
  3. ANT: ambivalent
    ant. unequivocal, unambiguous, clear cut
  4. SYN: beleaguer
    syn. besiege, encircle
  5. SYN: carte blanche
    syn. free rein
  6. SYN: cataclysm
    syn. disaster
  7. SYN: debauch
    syn. carouse
  8. ANT: debauch
    ant. elevate, uplift, inspire, purify
  9. SYN: eclat
    syn. celebrity
  10. ANT: eclat
    ant. dullness, insipidity, mediocrity
  11. SYN: fastidious
    syn. meticulous, finicky
  12. ANT: fastidious
    ant. careless, sloppy, messy, untidy, slovenly
  13. SYN: gambol
    syn. frolic, romp
  14. ANT: gambol
    ant. lumber, trudge, plod
  15. SYN: imbue
    syn. infuse, instill
  16. ANT: imbue
    ant. remove, expunge, eradicate, erase
  17. SYN: inchoate
    syn. embryonic, rudimentary
  18. ANT: inchoate
    ant. mature, developed, complete
  19. SYN: lampoon
    syn. parody
  20. ANT: lampoon
    ant. compliment, flattery, homage
  21. SYN: malleable
    syn. pliable, adaptable
  22. ANT: malleable
    ant. rigid, inflexible, unyielding, intractable
  23. SYN: nemesis
    syn. avenger
  24. ANT: nemesis
    ant. guardian angel, ally, patron
  25. SYN: opt
    syn. choose, decide
  26. SYN: philistine
    syn. boorish, yahoo
  27. ANT: philistine
    ant. refined, cultivated, esthete, highbrow
  28. SYN: picaresque
    syn. roguish
  29. SYN: queasy
    syn. unsettled
  30. ANT: queasy
    ant. calm, untroubled, confident
  31. SYN: refractory
    syn. unruly, disobedient
  32. SYN: refractory
    ant. docile, tractable, dutiful , obedient
  33. SYN: savoir-faire
    syn. fact, finesse
  34. ANT: savoir-faire
    ant. tactlessness, guacherie, boorishness

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