Random NCLEX Pearls

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  1. Allen's test
    assess for circulation to hand via both ulnar and radial arteries.

    Pt squeezes hand in fist for 30 seconds. occlude both arteries with fingers, pt opens hand (should be blanched).

    • release arteries, color should return in <7 seconds (positive)
    • If negative, arteries are not patent, don't poke!
  2. specific gravity of urine
    the ratio of density of urine to density of water

    • water =1.000
    • SG = 1.002-1.03

    higher SG= more concentrated urine
  3. normal phosphorus level
  4. foods with phosphorus in them
    • Fish
    • Pumpkin, squash
    • Nuts
    • Pork, beef, chicken, organ meats
    • whole-grain breads and cereals
    • dairy products
  5. Phosphorus has an inverse relationship with _________
  6. actions of phosphorus
    generation of bony tissue

    maintenance of acid-base balance

    storage and transfer of energy within body
  7. Central Venous Pressure
    direct measurement of the blood pressure in the right atrium and vena cava

    Normal =4-11 cm H2O
  8. Parathyroid and calcium/phosphate
    hyperparathyroidism → ↑ bone resorption → hypercalcemia

    ↓ phosphate levels
  9. Goodell's sign
    softening of the cervix that occurs at the beginning of the second month of pregnancy.  Probably sign of pregnancy.
  10. Brudzinki's sign
    nuchal rigidity when bending head down towards chest
  11. Guillain–Barré syndrome
    autoimmune neuromuscular disorder

    causes muscle weakness and paralysis
  12. Levin tube v. Salem sump tube
    NG tubes

    Levin: single lumen, remove stomach contents or provide tube feeding

    Salem sum: double lumen with air vent, decompression with intermittent continuous suction
  13. important set-up and care for Salem sump air vent
    do not clamp, maintain above level of stomach

    if leaking, put 30 mL of air into air vent and irrigate main lumen with NS
  14. goal of endotracheal tube
    maintain airway
  15. if endotracheal tube is needed for more than 10-14 days, use _____ instead
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